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Sunday, May 22, 2011 |

Haiz. It's very unfortunate to say that my laptop has broken down since it's hard disk failure and I am laptop-less now.

Using my iPad to online on daily basis now... And yeah it's a pain in the ass. Seriously typing on iPad is tiring... Especially when youre trying to msn and type a whole bunch of words, with so many short forms that the keeps auto correcting into some other strange word.

Anyway... I'm starting my internship tomorrow!!!

After a whole month of searching. After hours and hours of google weird companies at weird places on the google map. After going through a lot of emails, interviews and phone calls. Finally it's starting.

Will be less online. Less free. Less staying around on Facebook or twitter. (that is.. Unless the company allows me to do so during work hours)

A bit excited.. Yet a bit nervous, and a bit worried too. A little bit of everything.

There's just so much you can imagine, you can picture in your mind. The truth is always different in a way from what you thought it might be. I guess the only way to really know is to experience it.

Good luck for me.. And may everything go well tomorrow.

Okay. I just hope I don't get scolded. Case closed.

Typed from my iPad,

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