Final Presentation

Monday, May 2, 2011 |

Chubby Cheeks!

14 April 2011, Thursday

So we had our final presentation that day, and all of us were in formal attire.

We got to class early, and just so Syeli happened to bring her snap away! =) 

Zac acting cute~

POSER Wei Fong! ><

Syeli, cute as ever~

I was trying to take a candid shot of her like those celebrities do. xD

Our presentation topic was on "GHOSTS", and hell yeah did it scare our souls out while preparing for it. I didn't even dare to watch the video we included in it.

Ended up quite good with a 19/20. =) 

After presentation we went for lunch at Pizza Hut, Taipan.

Still non stop photo-ing!

So.....ended a day and one subject final just like that.

How cincai can this be?

Next post up: Rex's Birthday Celebration!
Photos Credits : Facebook 

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