5 + 2

Saturday, May 28, 2011 |

5 days work 
2 days holiday

Still not used to this kind of schedule. Waking up and going out early, then coming back late at night. 

Work is tiring, and hell it is nothing like when in college. Assignments seems like a breeze compared to it! And 8 hours facing a computer, clicking the mouse none stop tires you out completely.

My laptop is still at the HP Service Center, and most of my photos and files are in an external hard disk now. Somehow I remember I still have a a few set of photos I was supposed to edit and blog about. Hope its not too late for them when I get my laptop back. 

Enjoying my two days holidays now... other's are going to start next week Wednesday. Good luck to all of them! =) Intern's nothing as long as you get used to it!

Untill next time then... (Probably when I get my laptop back that is)  =)

4+3 would be nice,

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