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Saturday, May 28, 2011 |

5 days work 
2 days holiday

Still not used to this kind of schedule. Waking up and going out early, then coming back late at night. 

Work is tiring, and hell it is nothing like when in college. Assignments seems like a breeze compared to it! And 8 hours facing a computer, clicking the mouse none stop tires you out completely.

My laptop is still at the HP Service Center, and most of my photos and files are in an external hard disk now. Somehow I remember I still have a a few set of photos I was supposed to edit and blog about. Hope its not too late for them when I get my laptop back. 

Enjoying my two days holidays now... other's are going to start next week Wednesday. Good luck to all of them! =) Intern's nothing as long as you get used to it!

Untill next time then... (Probably when I get my laptop back that is)  =)

4+3 would be nice,

A little of everything

Sunday, May 22, 2011 |

Haiz. It's very unfortunate to say that my laptop has broken down since it's hard disk failure and I am laptop-less now.

Using my iPad to online on daily basis now... And yeah it's a pain in the ass. Seriously typing on iPad is tiring... Especially when youre trying to msn and type a whole bunch of words, with so many short forms that the keeps auto correcting into some other strange word.

Anyway... I'm starting my internship tomorrow!!!

After a whole month of searching. After hours and hours of google weird companies at weird places on the google map. After going through a lot of emails, interviews and phone calls. Finally it's starting.

Will be less online. Less free. Less staying around on Facebook or twitter. (that is.. Unless the company allows me to do so during work hours)

A bit excited.. Yet a bit nervous, and a bit worried too. A little bit of everything.

There's just so much you can imagine, you can picture in your mind. The truth is always different in a way from what you thought it might be. I guess the only way to really know is to experience it.

Good luck for me.. And may everything go well tomorrow.

Okay. I just hope I don't get scolded. Case closed.

Typed from my iPad,

Zac's sweet 22

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 |

Holla! One more birthday post!

6 May 2011, Monday

It was one sudden surprise birthday celebration. I spent most of the journey to Subang calling others, asking if they had stuff like scissors, double sided tape.... 

Around 8pm we reached Zac's apartment at Meridian, and with Wei Fong's help we sneaked in to the 27th floor. 

Preparing the cake...
Ready to go!

With Rex's help we managed to get inside the house, trying to be as quiet as we could.....


The shocked look on Zac's face! We really thought he might have figured out at least a bit by now, but he had totally no idea!

His present, a Fujifilm instant camera! We used up one box of instant film to create this...

In English it means " Happy Birthday to You".

And then we stay around and chit chat till quite late... while a few of them still had exams the other day.

So..one successful surprise, and one happy birthday! =)

Photo Credits : Facebook

11 + 11 = 22,

Mong's Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 |

1st May 2011, Sunday

It started out a simple dinner between me, Mong, Fen and Mian. But since it was just a few days from Mong's birthday, of course we planned a little bit of surprise for the birthday boy.

We went to V 1 concept restaurant & bar at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. It's a sports car theme restaurant that uses iPads as their menu for ordering.

Photos from website

Just a small showcase of photos should do.

Making a wish!

Blowing candles

opening his present...

ta-dah! Got money summore!

The food was okay and the environment was okay too. One bad point was that the restaurant wasn't very obvious, without a huge signboard or anything. Still it'll be a great place to go for a special occasion.

Seriously I got a few more birthday celebration posts to blog about. Wonder why suddenly it's like everyone's having their birthday.



Monday, May 9, 2011 |

Realise something lately? 

Something unusual...?

The temperature....?

 Yeah you sure it is!

Today's temperature : 36°C !!!!!!    (info from here)

Malaysia's climate average temperature is supposed to be at 27.5 °C. 36°C is almost 9 degree celsius above that? This isn't normal!!!

And me not being able to sleep at night, AND being woken up by the heat of everywhere surrounding my body isn't quite normal either, even if it's really not much of a deal to everyone else. But it a torture to me. =(

I really don't wanna lower my air con temperature, since I've heard sayings that with the higher the temperature you set, the more you save energy and cut carbon dioxide emissions, and also your electricity bill won't freak you out every time you get it... but it really is too hot to stand!!

The weather forecast says it going to rain tonight, or tomorrow. (Forecast link)  Let's hope that's something to believe to.

Oh and I think I'm melting soon. Into a puddle of sweet awesomeness.YAY for me!

Perhaps ice-cream,

Rex turns 23!

Sunday, May 8, 2011 |

HUGE typo error, should be *23rd!

18 April 2011, Monday

Rex's 23rd Birthday!  Zac planned a surprise for him and we were all involved!

Sook made him cupcakes!

So while he was taking a bath we were secretly lighting up candles outside in the living room.

And when we got in somehow he already knew of the whole surprise. Where's the fun then? =(

Blowing out candles..

Birthday boy!

Champagne sponsored by WaiLing.

We watched the pre-loaded video of all of us saying Birthday wishes to Rex, and drank the champagne.


Afterwards we went to Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid for dinner. They were having a student promotion, which explains the following picture....

Student IDs!

We all look different from our student ID photos. Two years change people a lot!

While waiting for the food to be served....

The food was alright. Like usual, the serving was just too large for our small appetites. Even if they were already set into smaller sizes to cater for the promotion.

Group photos!

Then, just as we were about to leave.... Fish Market's staff suddenly appeared with a small brownie with a candle on top! Almost immediately we all scattered back to our seats, and everyone in the restaurant joined together to sing the birthday song!

Everyone having a bite!

And the day ended with us folding paper cranes for the Japan people. Kinda a waste of paper, but I guess it's the thoughts that count. 

Another memorable day to jot down among all the others....

Photo Credits : Facebook 

Things should stay that way,

Final Presentation

Monday, May 2, 2011 |

Chubby Cheeks!

14 April 2011, Thursday

So we had our final presentation that day, and all of us were in formal attire.

We got to class early, and just so Syeli happened to bring her DSLR....so snap away! =) 

Zac acting cute~

POSER Wei Fong! ><

Syeli, cute as ever~

I was trying to take a candid shot of her like those celebrities do. xD

Our presentation topic was on "GHOSTS", and hell yeah did it scare our souls out while preparing for it. I didn't even dare to watch the video we included in it.

Ended up quite good with a 19/20. =) 

After presentation we went for lunch at Pizza Hut, Taipan.

Still non stop photo-ing!

So.....ended a day and one subject final just like that.

How cincai can this be?

Next post up: Rex's Birthday Celebration!
Photos Credits : Facebook 
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