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Sunday, April 3, 2011 |

25 March 2011, Friday

My mum used to say, back in her time, the Dean List Award was something very valuable. Only a few, or maybe one student from the whole course could get it.

Well, in Segi College apparently, this doesn't totally apply. Cause we had more than 200 students that day, all getting this award.

And I was one of them. Yay for me?

Everyone getting in to their seats.

The ceremony started that day with a few performances from students from our own Music Department.

Then we had speeches (okay its ONE speech by our headmistress, Dr. Lisa, but hell was it long...), the national anthem, some slide shows of student achievements... and finally the main point of the ceremony.

Could you imagine, 200+ students going on to the stage one by one? Even the waiting line was super long.

Good thing my faculty was among the first few to start in the waiting line.


I really think the reason we all went was to go take photos. Since we took DAMN lot of them!

Everyone was in formal attire! Something you don't see everyday!

Carmen, Mein Yee, Cleo, Grace, Alex, Me and Wei Fong

Clement looking happy!

Carmen, Me and Jacqueline

Carmen and Theresa

It's an honour, I guess.

And the ceremony isn't a yearly thing, is just the second time Segi has organized such a event. Will there be another one before I graduate? =)

Look of the day!

Chubby face!!

More photos at my FB album : link


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