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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 |

Sometime ago I posted a blog post about our Food Bazaar announcement. And after the announcement...of course it's time for the real thing! Please read that if you haven't, or refresh your memory for those who forgot.  =)

The whole event was a mess. We reached college early yet informed later that the venue had changed from G floor to 1st floor. Lack of instructions and all.

In the end we still managed to get everything ready before our supposed starting time, 11:30am.

Selling stall!

Selling our "Happy Me" drink

The drink was easy enough to make, with a mixture of grape juice and 7up, added with ice and our special yogurt jelly balls!


The special jelly balls!

Segi College's 1st floor was famous for it's lack of people. And seriously, it was like people who came by were only those who came to support their friends.

Of course there weren't just us selling at this Food Bazaar! All our classmates from Marketing class all took part in it and there was quite a variety of food and drinks there that day, ranging from donuts to fruits to meehoon and cupcakes.

Sales was quite good at the start, where drinks were sold very rapidly. But as the time went by the sales rate started to drop. There were less people walking around college, and the lunch hour had passed.

Wei Fong and Chloe and Syeli came to help us, and most of the time we just grabbed a few cups on a tray and went out to G floor or other parts of Segi College to sell them.

We had a bit trouble with our ingredients, as we did not expect so much 7up to be used. Halfway through the Food Bazaar Zac had to run out to buy a few more bottle so that we could continue selling.

Then around 2:45pm (the Food Bazaar ended at 3pm) our yogurt jelly balls were almost finished! Had to stop selling, with 3 cups less from our target of 100 cups.

But still we used up most of the ingredients, and the sales were quite good! =)

Group members - Sook, Wailing, Me and Zac

Special thanks to the 3 who came out to help us in everything, and thanks to everyone who supported us by buying our drinks!

As said before, 50% of our profit will be donated to Japan and yes we really did so. Might not have been a large amount, but it's just a showing that we care.

Business and marketing is hard,

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