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Just a post to let everyone know my dear friend Wai Yan is still in her TEENS! She's twenty-teen now!!!

Ok larh. Let's just admit she's twenty already. No use lying. Lol.

Celebrated her birthday with a small cake at Station 1, Equine Park that night. Most of us had a tired day of work/class and we just managed to meet at around 8pm plus.

Still its been sometime since we saw each other. Especially Piang!

Yan and her macaroon cake!

Kai Wei, Wai Yan, me and Piang

Mark and Wai Yan!

the macaroon cake!

Lastly another HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY to Miss WONG WAI YAN!

BTW, anyone who wants her number can ask it from me. =)

You know we love you,

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