Sky Lantern

Friday, February 18, 2011 |

Shhh... I know this is illegal!

Let's just pretend it's not, or pretend you didn't see it. xD

During the CNY period, our family had a sky lantern released into the sky. Or maybe you all are more familiar with the name "孔明灯".

First thing first is to write wishes on the lantern.

Next is lighting the square size candle at the bottom of the lantern. Not really a one person job.

The lantern starts to get filled with air...

Starts to float up....

And off it goes!

With our wishes...further and further it goes until the candle block stops burning...

For those who dun understand Chinese, the words wrote on the lantern meant everything goes as your heart wishes so, and the safeness and healthiness of the whole family.

No idea if wishes do come true this way, but it still some kind of tradition that we're trying to find back the feeling of it. =)

Bye bye to CNY,

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