Friday, February 4, 2011 |

Went with my family to Penang during the CNY holiday. When I said family, basically it just meant me and my parents.

Brother's still in Italy, while my sister hated the long ride.

I had the whole back seat to myself! 

Bought along a lot of my sleeping stuff. One can never get enough pillows right? =)

Penang was my mum's hometown, so we didn't do stuff that usual tourists did. All we did was go from one house to another house, giving presents, talking and eat/drink. Most of them being relatives.

My mum has 6 sisters. And 5 of them live in Penang. Guess how busy we were to visit all of them in less than 2 days (minus the time driving there).

It's a huge family there.

The weather at Penang was hot hot hot with no rain. I only knew when I came back that KL had rained for one whole day, and floods happened in Johor during those three days I was away.

But then its still hot. CNY weather. ==

Lack of photos,

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