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Monday, February 7, 2011 |

1st February 2011, Tuesday

Went out early early in the morning. Even though we didn't know the road, following the instructions were easy enough.

Everyone was in sports attire. Except for Kai Wei who was in shorts. One advice to anyone who wants to go : There really are a lot of mosquitoes there, and they show no mercy at attacking.


Mark teaching Wai Yan how to start.

Got our bikes and the first thing we had to do was to teach Wai Yan how to ride one. She was a fast learner, at least faster than I was when I first went on a bike.... but still she spent most of the time pushing her bike.

Wai Yan behind us..quit a far distance

Using the free time of waiting.... The sun was so bright!

Full size map

Chibi Snowmans!

After god knows how many cried of being tired, we managed to reach the Four Seasons House. It was Snow at that current time, but I suppose the management was changing it to Spring, so not only did we get in free, we also did not get to step inside the snow scene.

All we did was stand outside and watch through plastic walls. Or what it supposed to be like that?

We "rested" at a playground nearby after wards. Everyone was tired, a bit hungry and wanting to sit down.

Kai Wei and Mark

Mark faking to be tall

Wai Yan looking very cute

After that we finally decided to go home. When we had barely went through a quarter of the whole Taman. But what to do? We weren't really those people with loads of stamina.

Going back was faster than I thought, even though we dreaded the uphill roads.

And...Wai Yan finally learned how to cycle. When we were almost back to the starting point! I didn't know people could learn cycling in less than 2 hours. =) Fast huh?

And I got video evidence!

So ended our cycling day at Taman Pertanian. Mark said we should come once every month. But before this she also said we should go jogging once every two weeks (Which we forgot immediately). So I'm not really worried. xD

But it really is a fun place if you know how to cycle, and have enough stamina to go on without fainting.

Photos from FB : Me   Mark

My butt hurted after,

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