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Friday, February 11, 2011 |

Chinese New Year is really something that is quite similiar every year. Other than the clothes you wear and the amount of angpau you get.

I really admire those people that can blog about their CNY by days. From CNY eve till Chor 5 or 6! I don't really have that much interesting stuff to blog about. *sobs*

After the second day of CNY, I stayed at home most of the time. What a boring life  = =

Basically I spent the whole Chinese New Year with family and relatives. Friends? Not so much. Most of them were either not free or back at their hometowns.

So, I'll just wrap my CNY post up with few photos from here and there...

My mum loves decorating the house when it comes to Chinese New Year. It's rabbit year this year, so that would explain all the rabbit stuff toys. And a tiger being forgotten at the bottom right corner. Lol.


Had a small reunion dinner (steamboat!) with only me and my aunt's family. Somehow this tradition has long gone from our family. They all rather eat lunch together and spend the night at home.

When I have my own family...this dinner will be one of the most important dinner of the year!


Playing fireworks was something we did every Chinese New Year eve when we were small. But this year, with my brother in Italy and cousins getting too old for this, there left only me and my cousin sister enjoying ourselves with the sparks.

And the fireworks were faulty too. Kept exploding with a large "pop" when we least expected. Guess that happens when you leave these China-made products in the cupboard for too long. (A few years to be exact)


A scene you see all the time during this festive season! Shoes scattered everywhere!

My relatives all came to my house on the third day of CNY, which is how I managed to capture this.


I finished a whole bucket of "nga gu" a few days before CNY. They're as addictive as potato chips! = =


The best thing of CNY!

Got more angpau money than I expected this year, some huge angpaus coming from people I didn't really expect.

And the angpau designs are getting better and better this year! Liked the OCBC Bank's one the best!


There are loads of complains that this year's holiday for Chinese New Year was too short. Seriously, starting class on Chor 5? That's such a torture! =)

But still, we need to wrap up the festival fever sooner or later.

A few more days to go...enjoy this Chinese New Year to the fullest!

A late Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!

Gong Xi Fa Chai,

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