Identical shirts

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 |

Me, Shanz. Syeli, Wailing, Carmen, Sook

Eh, there's one, no, there's two....OMG there's six?

I wonder how many people had this in their mind today when they saw us?

The funniest had to be Miss Mangala, who had us for two of her classes straight today. During the first class only three of us were wearing the same shirt, but then all six were fully dressed during the second class. She was like "There are six of you?! I thought there was only three!

Random people just stared at us, thinking we were having some kind of event.

Hilarious, funny, and kinda embarassing in a way.

And FYI, the words written on the T-shirt are "I'm single if you're rich". The reason why we bought it!

Not sure if there's gonna be a 2nd time,


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