Happy Birthday Bro!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 |

It's 3:42pm now in Italy.

But no matter which time zone we're in, it's still 26th of January today!

Happy 18th Birthday to my brother Tan Xiang Zhi who's far away in Bergamo, Italy!

Was kinda in a rush so the photo quality sucks.

First time celebrating a birthday WITHOUT the birthday boy being there!

Still we need to at least do something, or he'll think we've forgotten about it! And 18 is a very important age!

18 Candles


For the coming Rabbit Year!

Family <3

It's not much, and very crappy from lack of preparation if you ask me, but it's still something. Sending wishes 9900km across the world, just in hope my little brother will get a little bit of the warmness in it.

And the Secret Recipie cakes will all fall into my stomach. Yay!

Buon Compleanno,

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  1. my god.. i saw my teacher act cute.haha.. anyway happy birthday to your brother. your family are so cute and so warm.


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