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Tuesday, January 25, 2011 |

How many of these characters can you identify in the picture above? 

A lot, I suppose, if you're around my age. 

These old Disney classics were movies I watched since I was small. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo....etc etc. They maybe kinda old and not as good graphic-wise, but they still stand firm a place in the movie industries, like a legend.

And then today, as I was looking up a Disney character's name in Wikipedia (It was Pumbaa from Lion King btw), I came across a list of Disney sequel/prequel movies. And yeah I was shocked. 


Some I've seen, some I haven't. Some I swear to god I have never even heard of.

I have a video tape of this at my house. That's right, a video tape. Those large bulky ones that look like a larger version of cassettes!

Story was nice, bringing some new stuff into the original story. Maybe Aladdin was a story that had the potential to be continued.

And I never knew Aladdin II I existed.I just skipped it and watched the third.

A few stories that happened after the original story. Seemed like a bit lack of effort, but still the stories were okay, especially the one about Cinderella's stepsister.

My favorite among all sequels. Continues after the original story where Simba had a daughter.Very Romeo and Juliet, but I enjoyed the storyline. And Kiara is a nice name!

As for the other sequel of Lion King (Lion King 1 1/2), never watched it. Felt like seeing sequels that were woven between the original story would destroy my childhood sweet memory.

I know this is not that long ago, and I did watch it, but somehow I don't remember what happened in it. Other than Ariel having a daughter.

Did it leave that less an impression to me?

The best thing of Pocahontas was it's song "Color of the Winds". As for its sequel, how the hell could a girl change so fast? And I don't just mean her looks.

Continues after the original story, with Pocahontas falling for another guy. I know it was based on real life story, but that isn't a very good example for all the kids watching it I guess.

Watched it once, never watched it again.

Those are some that I knew of and watched, while here are some I never knew existed. 

They still have a story for it?

More dogs I guess....

3. Tarzan II
Chibi Tarzan that is already half naked. Yeah for Chibi Janes out there!

4. Bambi II 
A deer who can't wait to grow up?

I don't even remember it's 1st movie...

Another story under the sea....

The main reason I have zero information about them should be because they're animated feature-length films released for home theater. Still, it's like Disney has no new ideas or new characters, so they just use their old ones to earn money. 

A few were nice, and brought back memories...but seriously, almost every Disney movie ever made has a sequel/prequel now. And most of the stories seemed forced out.

Let's hope Disney stops here, and stop messing up with these classics. No idea how the movie industry works nowadays, but Rapunzel was nice! They should just keep up with that. Instead of making low productions like these, and ruining our childhood memories.

And lets also hope that there won't be a Dumbo II ( Big full-grown flying elephant?) or Snow White II (Please tell me the dwarfs didn't marry and have kids) or Sleeping Beauty II (A story about what Aurora's dreams were when she slept?) ..... 

Anyway I was loading Cinderella III as I was typing this, should be done by now! So here's the end of me bashing Disney's movies. Do try watching some of them, I suppose it'll be worth the watch. =)

Cheers to Walt Disney,

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