5th Semester

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 |


They say "Things of one kind come together" and the same goes to people as well. 

But there are times I wonder, just where are my group of people? I might share certain interests with one group of people, but other interests are just something other people can't understand and end up thinking I'm weird.

I guess it's impossible to find someone that has exactly the same interests with me. Just like it's hard for me to like the same stuff and approach the same things as others do.


Started my new and fifth semester at Segi this Monday! One last semester before internship!

Once again, Segi management sucks. Everything was just a mess, and with the new timetable with new courses and new lecturers, everything was just plain confusing!

And everyone in charge had one different saying. Makes us doubt who to listen to. 

So finally after 1 whole month of resting, and the relaxing short sem we had last year, its now back to the tight schedule and non-stop assignments

But we're still enjoying our first week back. Hehe. 

Need to buy my CNY clothes soon! Been out of my shopping mode for quite sometime already, need to find them back!

Tired to hell,


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