2011 New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 |

I know it's kinda late to post this already, but it's now or never.

Spent 5 days thinking about what to set as my resolutions, and in the end I figured it out. Resolutions shouldn't be fixed to the start of the year only, if you're determined to do something, you shouldn't just think about it only during January.

But then I'm gonna write some anyway. LOL. What I just wrote turned into crap at the same moment, I know.

Hey, I've planned this blog post since last year! No reason to just dump it. Hehe.


1. Quit wearing contact lens that magnify the pupils. Had this thought since some time ago, and I had no idea why. Somehow I wanted to go back to showing the actual me, and not someone hidden behind all these artificial stuff anymore. (Or maybe it was just that girl at the shopping center that shocked me with her super huge contact lens that barely showed any white part of the eye anymore. lol.)

Now I'm decreasing the diameter of the lens slowly. I can't go back to the usual size yet (I can't stand the look of myself, or maybe I never will.) , but it's a small step by a time. At least stay away from the exaggerating sizes! 

2. Record down the amount of money I lend and borrow, black and white. I have a very very poor memory for money, especially the money that aren't used, but between people. I've forgot how many times I've forgotten to give back money or collect back money. 

Not really good for both sides, whether it's lend or borrow, so it's better to record them down and remember them! 

3.  Be more brave at communicating with others. I have problems with communicating with strangers. Especially when it comes to those in service industry. I don't really like ordering food, or call for delivery, or buy tickets, or ask for inquiry when I'm not in a comfortable situation.  

Bad habit, but I'm just this timid about it. 

4. Be more friendly. And stuff like holding my head up when I'm talking to someone else. Till now, whenever someone stares at my face I still automatically lower my head. It's like I'm worried my makeup smeared or there's something on my face and that's why people are staring at me. 

I wasn't born an out-going person, but sooner or later I'll need to be in touch with people. Especially since I'm going for my internship this year. What else is more important than social by then? Long way to go on this... 

And small stuff like going outside my room more often, help more often around the house, clean my room and car frequently, treat my sister better, think before I say something....... 


I finished this! Seemed like a mission impossible few days ago. 

Time to get used to 2011 and ditch the new year stuff! 


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