2010 New Year's Eve

Sunday, January 2, 2011 |

Before talking about New Year's Eve, I'd like to tell you all a story that happened a while ago. It has everything to do with this blog post.

Around a week ago, on the day before Christmas, I was at home with no where to go. Everyone had gone out to count down, Facebook and Twitter were full of people stating their whereabouts, what they were doing on that special day...etc etc.

My msn had like less than 10 people online by then. And Sook was one of them.

And while keeping each other company on that lonely night... we counted down for Christmas ourselves through msn. By minutes


I expected my New Year's Eve to be the same pattern. I have a curfew of 12 midnight, and what was a countdown if I had to be home by that time?

And until 9 o'clock 31 Dec 2010 I was still expecting the same thing. Sook was on msn with me...chatting about how everyone had gone out and we were the two left at home again. I joked about going down Subang to find her and spend this night together, since we were the only two left.

The idea pop out, like a seed that planted itself in, sprouted out and immediately grew tall.

I tried asking my parents for permission, and before I knew it I was on the car driving to Subang. WOOHOO!


So in the end I spent my New Year's Eve with 2 VIPs. =)

We had no plans since it was such a last minute notice, and ended up stuck in the traffic in front of Sunway Pyramid.

Good thing too. The crowd at Pyramid was like balls. Each side by side to each other.

People Mountain People Sea xD

Right on time the fireworks were lighten, and not just from Sunway Pyramid.

Sook was giggling like mad throughout the whole thing. I know...I can't believe I actually did this too. =)

2011 started great! And it's gonna stay the same afterward also, I'm sure of it!


p/s Still can't think of my new year resolution, so I'm stuck with blogging about these first. Enjoy!

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