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1 January 2011, Saturday

1.1.11 <-- The date looks so nice! Soon there will be 11.11.11 and 1.11.11! HAHA.

Went out for the whole day, and had to rush to another gathering at night. Phew. What a busy New Year's Day I had.

But then, when do I let down an offer when it's a bunch of old friends offering it?

Mong came to fetch me around 7pm with Fei, Mian and Fen on his car already. That's right, he so "ham fuk" for being the only guy on a car with 4 *pretty* girls.

Planned to go Pla Dib @ The Heritage Village at first, but too bad it wasn't opened that day. So we changed places to Gasoline for dinner.

Then somewhere through all the chatting and joking and gossiping around, we mentioned about Calsberg. Then Calsberg transformed into Liquor and alcohol. 

Then so suddenly we all piled on to the car, wanting to finding somewhere to have a drink, but with no idea where to go to. 

That was how we ended up at 21st Century Cafe, Kajang. 

Credits :Fen's blog

And ordered red wine! =) 

Then we just sat there and enjoyed the red wine...

Fen =)

And even though non of us would admit, I really think some of us got a bit tipsy afterward. Symptoms include talking stuff that didn't mean any sense, face as red as a tomato, singing oldies loudy and sitting very un-lady like on the car. lol. 

Got home quite early at 11 plus. What a day!

Thank you Mong for being the driver that day! Love going out with you all! All the gossip I get to hear...priceless!

Read about this event on other's blog : Fen

Resolutions up soon,

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