Penang here I come!

Friday, January 28, 2011 |

Off to Penang with my family tomorrow!

Going to visit relatives and eat lots! 

Will be back on Monday! =)

Stay tuned,

Happy Birthday Bro!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 |

It's 3:42pm now in Italy.

But no matter which time zone we're in, it's still 26th of January today!

Happy 18th Birthday to my brother Tan Xiang Zhi who's far away in Bergamo, Italy!

Was kinda in a rush so the photo quality sucks.

First time celebrating a birthday WITHOUT the birthday boy being there!

Still we need to at least do something, or he'll think we've forgotten about it! And 18 is a very important age!

18 Candles


For the coming Rabbit Year!

Family <3

It's not much, and very crappy from lack of preparation if you ask me, but it's still something. Sending wishes 9900km across the world, just in hope my little brother will get a little bit of the warmness in it.

And the Secret Recipie cakes will all fall into my stomach. Yay!

Buon Compleanno,

Disney Classic Sequels

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 |

How many of these characters can you identify in the picture above? 

A lot, I suppose, if you're around my age. 

These old Disney classics were movies I watched since I was small. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo....etc etc. They maybe kinda old and not as good graphic-wise, but they still stand firm a place in the movie industries, like a legend.

And then today, as I was looking up a Disney character's name in Wikipedia (It was Pumbaa from Lion King btw), I came across a list of Disney sequel/prequel movies. And yeah I was shocked. 


Some I've seen, some I haven't. Some I swear to god I have never even heard of.

I have a video tape of this at my house. That's right, a video tape. Those large bulky ones that look like a larger version of cassettes!

Story was nice, bringing some new stuff into the original story. Maybe Aladdin was a story that had the potential to be continued.

And I never knew Aladdin II I existed.I just skipped it and watched the third.

A few stories that happened after the original story. Seemed like a bit lack of effort, but still the stories were okay, especially the one about Cinderella's stepsister.

My favorite among all sequels. Continues after the original story where Simba had a daughter.Very Romeo and Juliet, but I enjoyed the storyline. And Kiara is a nice name!

As for the other sequel of Lion King (Lion King 1 1/2), never watched it. Felt like seeing sequels that were woven between the original story would destroy my childhood sweet memory.

I know this is not that long ago, and I did watch it, but somehow I don't remember what happened in it. Other than Ariel having a daughter.

Did it leave that less an impression to me?

The best thing of Pocahontas was it's song "Color of the Winds". As for its sequel, how the hell could a girl change so fast? And I don't just mean her looks.

Continues after the original story, with Pocahontas falling for another guy. I know it was based on real life story, but that isn't a very good example for all the kids watching it I guess.

Watched it once, never watched it again.

Those are some that I knew of and watched, while here are some I never knew existed. 

They still have a story for it?

More dogs I guess....

3. Tarzan II
Chibi Tarzan that is already half naked. Yeah for Chibi Janes out there!

4. Bambi II 
A deer who can't wait to grow up?

I don't even remember it's 1st movie...

Another story under the sea....

The main reason I have zero information about them should be because they're animated feature-length films released for home theater. Still, it's like Disney has no new ideas or new characters, so they just use their old ones to earn money. 

A few were nice, and brought back memories...but seriously, almost every Disney movie ever made has a sequel/prequel now. And most of the stories seemed forced out.

Let's hope Disney stops here, and stop messing up with these classics. No idea how the movie industry works nowadays, but Rapunzel was nice! They should just keep up with that. Instead of making low productions like these, and ruining our childhood memories.

And lets also hope that there won't be a Dumbo II ( Big full-grown flying elephant?) or Snow White II (Please tell me the dwarfs didn't marry and have kids) or Sleeping Beauty II (A story about what Aurora's dreams were when she slept?) ..... 

Anyway I was loading Cinderella III as I was typing this, should be done by now! So here's the end of me bashing Disney's movies. Do try watching some of them, I suppose it'll be worth the watch. =)

Cheers to Walt Disney,

Blogger's Block?

Friday, January 21, 2011 |

This page has stayed open in my Mozilla Firefox for more than 2 hours. And all I managed to type out is "DOT DOT DOT"

I type and I press backspace. Again and again.

I have loads of stuff I could write. I have a lot of random craps to type. But somehow it doesn't seem right. To dump all of them in one same post that I can't even think of a title? That's a tiny little bit unfair, don't you think?

I have no idea since when I was so systematic. Back when I was blogging in wretch I could type 3 different stuff in one blog post and just title it with the stuff on the very top. I could go on and on and on, with sentences forming in my brain as I go, one after another.

And all I needed was ----------- to jump to another topic.

For example : (Yeah it's meant to be a separation line here)


And suddenly I'm back at my old blog, reading through my old posts.     It's all in Mandarin, btw.

I sounded stupid and naive most of the time, but reading it was really like reading someone's life in words. And I really had a knack at thinking of titles back then.

Maybe choosing English wasn't a good choice after all.

I'm proud of my Mandarin writing. I always was, and I always will. 

In the end, this post is still just about craps. Time to wrap it up here I guess.

Writers have writer's block when they're stuck at writing a new book. I think I have a blogger's block right now.

God bless me,


Monday, January 17, 2011 |

Sometimes it's not that we have different personalities or that we change too quickly, but different faces we own.

When I meet this person I need to be serious, so I change a face.

When I talk to this person I need to be friendly, so I change a face.

When I listen to this person I need to be a listener, so I change a face.

When I'm dealing with this person I need to be strict, so I change a face.

When I'm with this person I can be more relieved, so I change a face.

I change faces everyday, every time. Not only with people, but with situation, conditions and even according to my mood.

Which face is the true me? 

All of them are.
They're just faces of me.


Identical shirts

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 |

Me, Shanz. Syeli, Wailing, Carmen, Sook

Eh, there's one, no, there's two....OMG there's six?

I wonder how many people had this in their mind today when they saw us?

The funniest had to be Miss Mangala, who had us for two of her classes straight today. During the first class only three of us were wearing the same shirt, but then all six were fully dressed during the second class. She was like "There are six of you?! I thought there was only three!

Random people just stared at us, thinking we were having some kind of event.

Hilarious, funny, and kinda embarassing in a way.

And FYI, the words written on the T-shirt are "I'm single if you're rich". The reason why we bought it!

Not sure if there's gonna be a 2nd time,


5th Semester

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 |


They say "Things of one kind come together" and the same goes to people as well. 

But there are times I wonder, just where are my group of people? I might share certain interests with one group of people, but other interests are just something other people can't understand and end up thinking I'm weird.

I guess it's impossible to find someone that has exactly the same interests with me. Just like it's hard for me to like the same stuff and approach the same things as others do.


Started my new and fifth semester at Segi this Monday! One last semester before internship!

Once again, Segi management sucks. Everything was just a mess, and with the new timetable with new courses and new lecturers, everything was just plain confusing!

And everyone in charge had one different saying. Makes us doubt who to listen to. 

So finally after 1 whole month of resting, and the relaxing short sem we had last year, its now back to the tight schedule and non-stop assignments

But we're still enjoying our first week back. Hehe. 

Need to buy my CNY clothes soon! Been out of my shopping mode for quite sometime already, need to find them back!

Tired to hell,

2011 New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 |

I know it's kinda late to post this already, but it's now or never.

Spent 5 days thinking about what to set as my resolutions, and in the end I figured it out. Resolutions shouldn't be fixed to the start of the year only, if you're determined to do something, you shouldn't just think about it only during January.

But then I'm gonna write some anyway. LOL. What I just wrote turned into crap at the same moment, I know.

Hey, I've planned this blog post since last year! No reason to just dump it. Hehe.


1. Quit wearing contact lens that magnify the pupils. Had this thought since some time ago, and I had no idea why. Somehow I wanted to go back to showing the actual me, and not someone hidden behind all these artificial stuff anymore. (Or maybe it was just that girl at the shopping center that shocked me with her super huge contact lens that barely showed any white part of the eye anymore. lol.)

Now I'm decreasing the diameter of the lens slowly. I can't go back to the usual size yet (I can't stand the look of myself, or maybe I never will.) , but it's a small step by a time. At least stay away from the exaggerating sizes! 

2. Record down the amount of money I lend and borrow, black and white. I have a very very poor memory for money, especially the money that aren't used, but between people. I've forgot how many times I've forgotten to give back money or collect back money. 

Not really good for both sides, whether it's lend or borrow, so it's better to record them down and remember them! 

3.  Be more brave at communicating with others. I have problems with communicating with strangers. Especially when it comes to those in service industry. I don't really like ordering food, or call for delivery, or buy tickets, or ask for inquiry when I'm not in a comfortable situation.  

Bad habit, but I'm just this timid about it. 

4. Be more friendly. And stuff like holding my head up when I'm talking to someone else. Till now, whenever someone stares at my face I still automatically lower my head. It's like I'm worried my makeup smeared or there's something on my face and that's why people are staring at me. 

I wasn't born an out-going person, but sooner or later I'll need to be in touch with people. Especially since I'm going for my internship this year. What else is more important than social by then? Long way to go on this... 

And small stuff like going outside my room more often, help more often around the house, clean my room and car frequently, treat my sister better, think before I say something....... 


I finished this! Seemed like a mission impossible few days ago. 

Time to get used to 2011 and ditch the new year stuff! 



Monday, January 3, 2011 |

1 January 2011, Saturday

1.1.11 <-- The date looks so nice! Soon there will be 11.11.11 and 1.11.11! HAHA.

Went out for the whole day, and had to rush to another gathering at night. Phew. What a busy New Year's Day I had.

But then, when do I let down an offer when it's a bunch of old friends offering it?

Mong came to fetch me around 7pm with Fei, Mian and Fen on his car already. That's right, he so "ham fuk" for being the only guy on a car with 4 *pretty* girls.

Planned to go Pla Dib @ The Heritage Village at first, but too bad it wasn't opened that day. So we changed places to Gasoline for dinner.

Then somewhere through all the chatting and joking and gossiping around, we mentioned about Calsberg. Then Calsberg transformed into Liquor and alcohol. 

Then so suddenly we all piled on to the car, wanting to finding somewhere to have a drink, but with no idea where to go to. 

That was how we ended up at 21st Century Cafe, Kajang. 

Credits :Fen's blog

And ordered red wine! =) 

Then we just sat there and enjoyed the red wine...

Fen =)

And even though non of us would admit, I really think some of us got a bit tipsy afterward. Symptoms include talking stuff that didn't mean any sense, face as red as a tomato, singing oldies loudy and sitting very un-lady like on the car. lol. 

Got home quite early at 11 plus. What a day!

Thank you Mong for being the driver that day! Love going out with you all! All the gossip I get to hear...priceless!

Read about this event on other's blog : Fen

Resolutions up soon,

2010 New Year's Eve

Sunday, January 2, 2011 |

Before talking about New Year's Eve, I'd like to tell you all a story that happened a while ago. It has everything to do with this blog post.

Around a week ago, on the day before Christmas, I was at home with no where to go. Everyone had gone out to count down, Facebook and Twitter were full of people stating their whereabouts, what they were doing on that special day...etc etc.

My msn had like less than 10 people online by then. And Sook was one of them.

And while keeping each other company on that lonely night... we counted down for Christmas ourselves through msn. By minutes


I expected my New Year's Eve to be the same pattern. I have a curfew of 12 midnight, and what was a countdown if I had to be home by that time?

And until 9 o'clock 31 Dec 2010 I was still expecting the same thing. Sook was on msn with me...chatting about how everyone had gone out and we were the two left at home again. I joked about going down Subang to find her and spend this night together, since we were the only two left.

The idea pop out, like a seed that planted itself in, sprouted out and immediately grew tall.

I tried asking my parents for permission, and before I knew it I was on the car driving to Subang. WOOHOO!


So in the end I spent my New Year's Eve with 2 VIPs. =)

We had no plans since it was such a last minute notice, and ended up stuck in the traffic in front of Sunway Pyramid.

Good thing too. The crowd at Pyramid was like balls. Each side by side to each other.

People Mountain People Sea xD

Right on time the fireworks were lighten, and not just from Sunway Pyramid.

Sook was giggling like mad throughout the whole thing. I know...I can't believe I actually did this too. =)

2011 started great! And it's gonna stay the same afterward also, I'm sure of it!


p/s Still can't think of my new year resolution, so I'm stuck with blogging about these first. Enjoy!

2011 Aloha!

Saturday, January 1, 2011 |

Wow. Been out for the whole day today. What a wonderful way to start my 2011!

A bit tipsy right now... but I still need to post this.

Why? Coz it's 2011 already!

Welcome 2011! 

And its 1.1.11 today! Such a nice date!

Happy New Year all! May 2011 be a year full of new challenges and new opportunities for all of you! Stay healthy and happy through out this brand new year!

New Year resolutions to be posted soon!

Welcome 2011,

p/s 250th post!!! Open wine! Celebrate! 
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