Syeli's BD Celebration

Sunday, December 12, 2010 |

3 December 2010, Friday

It's fun as long as there's everyone. 

So we celebrated Syeli's Birthday @ Meridian Subang's poolside. 

Meridian's a condominium behind my college, and the view is great! 

29-storey i guess
View of Subang Area

Kinda a small celebration since it was almost our final week, and most of us were broke. Everyone cooked something or prepared something, and we gathered at the poolside to eat.

Lack of photos since my trusty camera proved to be un-trusty when its battery went empty.

Windy Day!

Birthday girl opening her red egg

Group Photo!

Then we played a game, which was kinda kelam kabut since we were unprepared. But still, funny to the max!

One people had to describe the word on the paper 
for the other two to guess

And the losing group had to stick cellophane tape on their legs and tear it off. OWCH. >< 

Sad to say...Zac, Me and Sook were the losing team.

Good thing the cellophane tape we had weren't those very sticky ones. =) 

I left as the others went to swim in the swimming pool. Felt kinda sorry to Syeli for such a not so glamorous celebration. ><

But as long as we're all together... I guess it's enough. 

*Photos from Syeli's FB Album :  Everything on 3rd Dec ♥
*Special thanks to Syeli for being the photographer on her own birthday! 

More updates from now on, promise.

p.s. Have you heard? It's holidays!!!!!

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