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17 December 2010, Friday

Our once a year clubbing plan! I don't think Safari counts. xD

And we chose to go Opera! Since they had some promotion there, but we had to get their within 9pm to 10pm. VERY rush of time.

Shu nv sook and me

Yeah its a toilet. Don't ask where.

Busy gals who didn't have the time to take photos with me ><

Reached Opera, Sunway right on time. Imagine hurrying through the drizzle on high heels. Not something you'd wanna try.

We celebrated Wei Fong's birthday there in the club before midnight.

Thanks Grace for the pizza!

We gals bought a cake!

Group Photo! Less one Grace who was holding the camera

I think I'm a vampire. Not only does my face look white with flash, even my body glows a pale white. Its scary. I wish I could read people's mind too. Or build up a protective shield. =.=

A fire show for the birthday boy! Basically it was something like setting our black label on fire. The Opera staff made it look quite fancy.

And we had to drink the remains of it while and after the fire was set. Tasted like oil to me. Looked fancy but not that nice. And the straws got on fire. Wonder if we actually drank alcohol or the ashes of burnt plastic.

Table full of food and alcohol.

 Some photos....

Went home around 3am. I thought it was still just an hour past midnight. Who knew time could fly so fast! And the best thing? No one got drunk at all!

Opera was a bit packed and lack of space but overall it was a nice experience. Our next plan is to Bangsar's Mist Club! Hope that goes well. =)

Happy Early Birthday Hon Wei Fong! 

More photos at FB album : Opera 101217

Club can't handle me right now,


  1. bad gal!!!XD~i went mist club on christmas eve=p

  2. Bad guy..haha.
    I wanna go mist too! ><

  3. mist club nt bad~but drink expensive abit...rm350 for 1 bottle black label=.=


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