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Monday, December 6, 2010 |

I still <3 curly hair
Even if it's not so curly


This happens every time it comes to the end of a semester. Without fail.

This sem things are more easier since I only took one subject. But somehow I managed to get the most troublesome subject of all.

Presenting your own artwork is something that's hundred times harder than designing one. I've been making up a lot of stuff, including reasons for every small color and line and shape I used.

My brain is very tired. But its the last few days already.

And I really do believe long hair eats away all the nutrition in our body and makes us dumb. I really need a hair cut. My fringe is getting very very annoying. I can barely eat mee without eating my own hair.

Maybe I should cut it short again.

Yu Tu from Hei Se Hui

Until something like this. I mean the length, not the color. I think that color is something between red and purple. Like those grape wine color.

Somehow I never can cut such a short fringe and suit it. Maybe it's because my forehead is too short. Someone else told me before that I needed to start my fringe from the very back of my head since my forehead was so short. Like pull all the hair forward.

Hmmm...feel like wanna have a go at it again.

But then. It took me ages to get my fringe to the length is it now. ><

Do I really wanna chomp it off and start all over again?


Enough of fringe talking! Should go back to finishing my text and image assignment! I gave myself rest time till 6pm and its almost up. 

Will update my blog soon, as soon as my holidays start.

It's been a while since I wrote crap. Kinda miss it. =) 

Recent songlist : (Sorry I'm such a Glee mania recently)
1. Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Kurt/Rachel Duet  (link)
 I just need to mention this once more. Kurt has the sound of an angel!!!
2. Take A Bow - Lea Michele (Rachel) Cover (link)
3. Teenage Dream - Glee Cast (link)
4. Mistake - SNSD (link)
5. Pyramid - Charice Ft. Iyaz (link)

Counting down the days to holidays,


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