Tuesday, December 14, 2010 |

10 December 2010, Friday 

Ignore my red nose. I'm a reindeer for Christmas.

Went to Jogoya with Yaw and Ze Ying for the female 50% discount promotion.

We got there early enough, but already there were people waiting outside. Even before it started business, there was a long line of people lining up in front of the reception counter.

Nice business strategy I guess. Really attracts customers. =)

View from our table.

Ze Ying

Me and Yaw

Let the pictures do the talking...

weird spirals on the watermelon

Overall the meal was just so so. Our theory was if we ate them separately they'd taste nice...but since we ate them all at once....

And it's kinda a torture to stuff in food when you know you can't stuff in anymore, yet you need to to make sure you eat back what you paid for.

These stuff are those once in a while stuff.  Once a year perhaps. =)

More photos at my FB album : Jogoya 101210

Busy holidays,

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