Happy B'day Syeli!

Friday, December 3, 2010 |



Happy Birthday Syeli Ting Wan Teng!

Took me around 2 hours to finish tracing and arranging the pictures. Quite messy works as I was rushing against the time. ><

As for why fish, chicken and crab... those who know her should know that sometime earlier, she kept on talking about how she wanted to eat fish, then the next day crab, and the day after that chicken.

Just a simple thought of the mind. =)

Syeli you were always the cutest in our gang. The most blur one too I suppose. But then I always admired the fact of how you were so independent when you came to your own stuff. Living alone outside sure isn't an easy job. Under your innocent look lives a mature-thinking girl that not everyone sees.

Before this I may have took your existence for granted,  even neglecting you sometimes, but things have changed now. And it'll stay this way.

I'll always remember you were among the first few people I knew in Segi College. =)

Happy 19th Birthday Sa Po =)


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