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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 |

Definitely before my fringe spoiled it all.

Just got my hair straightened a few days ago.

The outcome looked nice at first, other than my fringe being slightly too long.

Then the worst thing happened. My mum and the hair salon aunty managed to convince me to cut my fringe shorter.

And now my fringe is weird. Like, really really weird.

A hair stylist saw it and asked me if I cut my fringe wrongly since there was an obvious "hole" in it. =.=

Awhhh..regret it so much!!! Now all I can do is wait for it to grow longer and sweep it sideways.

Note to self : DO NOT listen to mum's advice. DO NOT let the aunty cut my hair again. Straighten, treatment..no problem. Cut? No way.

My fringe was so nice before this de lorr. Lao Ban Niang cut  it so nicely. Now it's ugly. UGLY. ><


You guys should notice I changed my blog layout. Just in time for New Year!

And it's a boring Black and White. Simple and nice. Am gonna keep it that way till I figure out something better. 

Finally no more PINK! (Wong Wai Yan you hear that? lol)

As for the huge piece of black up there, it'll be replaced soon with a colorful header. When the inspiration comes to me, that is. 

Nothing much new this time, other than adding new icon pictures to the post footer elements.

2010's almost over! Time for a flashback post of 2010 soon. So expect a blog post soon!

BnW = Black and White,

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