Ciao, Italia

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 |

Braided fringe since I couldn't stand it's length.

Ciao (chao/chow) means Hello in Italian.

Ciao also means Bye-bye in Italian.

Imagine picking up the phone, finding someone you can't stand on the other side of the line. He/she says "Ciao", and you say "Ciao" too, just in a total different meaning. LOL.

Anyway, Italia means Italy.

In this case, I'm not really sure if my "Ciao" means good bye or hello.

Many of my readers, and my friends should know that my brother is flying to Italy tomorrow. For two months. Some international student exchange program which I duno how to explain.

Before I typed this I had loads of stuff I had in mind, but now when I'm actually typing it out, I found out I didn't know what I wanted to say anymore.

I can already picture the scene where I go in to the room next to mine and find it empty. Ran into something funny on facebook/youtube and have no one to discuss with. Find problems in my computer and try hard myself to fix it.

Worst thing is. Someone's gonna have to take out the rubbish every night from now on.

And I have to rewrite the wash dishes schedule.

One more busy day for all of us. One more day to go.

God I suck at this,


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