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Sunday, December 19, 2010 |

16 December 2010, Thursday 

My bro flew off to Italy approximately 930pm Malaysia time.

Went to an orientation in Cheras that morning with him, where all 30 other participants that were also going to Italy were gathered together with their parents.

Some staff and volunteers from AFS, the organizer of this whole exchange program gave some speeches, shared some experience. All the participants looked quite excited, while the parents look very very VERY worried.

For more details, or for those interested, you can check out the AFS website : http://www.afs.org/afs_or/home

It really is a great experience and something worth a lifetime! (Worth the price also I guess)

Rushed home afterward to continue his packing. Seriously, two hours before he had to rush to the airport he was still taking out stuff from his luggage.

20kg luggage

Euro Money

Ignore my spec look pls = =  

And off he went to the airport with my parents. Due to some reasons I didn't go and see him off.

To Xiang Zhi's friends who are curious/worried,  he reached Rome, Italy at around 1pm (Malaysia time), Friday. He'll be staying there for an orientation, and after that move on to his foster family's house somewhere in north Italy, near Milan.

The snow is huge in Italy recently. Hope all is well. =)

I have the toilet all to myself for 2 months,

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