2010 Recap Photos

Friday, December 31, 2010 |

A photo recap of stuff that happened throughout the year.

Somehow it seems like most of my outings are my College gang's Birthdays. Or maybe I just didn't blog about other stuff. ><

Click the "(link)"to read the full blog post if you haven't read it before, or just wanna refresh your memory!

Spent my first few hours of the new year with my gals at my house. (link)

Fei's 21st Birthday Party. First celebration of the year! (link)

Meow went for her OHC surgery. Now fully recovered though, and fatter than ever! (link)

Got my first temporarily tatoo. Butterfly shape! =)  (link)

Grandpa past away on the second day of CNY. Grandma left this world a year before, now it was his turn to go. RIP grandpa. (link)

Went to my first International Badminton match : Thomas & Uber Cup with Wailing! It was exciting to actually be there in person! And we got the chance to take photos with half of the Malaysia team! (link)

First event at College : Talent Show! A brand new chance to be on the same team with so many others I never talked to at college, and knew a bunch of kids from SMK USJ 13. One great experience! (link)

Stressed by college assignments, especially for the Nando's Art Competition. First time I stayed up to 4am painting and rushing to the dead line. (link)

Rex's Birthday Celebration @Look Out Point, Cheras! (link)

Zac;s 21st Birthday Celebration. Everyone dressed up nicely for the occasion! (link)

TOOK OFF my three years braces! No more metal teeth! (link)

3 days 2 nights at Genting with my college gang! Had a blast during those three days, and we went to Safari 2 nights in a row! (link) (link)

My 19th Birthday! Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me! It really was a birthday full of tears and joy! (link)

Changed my phone. Tada! My new phoneee...HTC Wildfire! Got it after months of drooling for it! Surprised my dad bought it for me too! (link)

Carmen's Birthday Celebration in occasion with Lantern festival! (link)

WaiLing's birthday celebration @ Fullhouse,Sunway Giza. (link)

Syeli's birthday celebration @ Meridian, USJ (link)

Jogoya with Yaw and Ze Ying! 50% off promotion for ladies only! (link)

Brother flying off to Italy for a student exchange program by AFS. Will be staying there for two months, including Christmas, New Year, his birthday, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day! (link)

Clubbing at Opera! My first actual clubbing experience! a.k.a Wei Fong's Birthday Celebration. (link)


Another post due before we welcome 2011!

This is not my last post of 2010,

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