Bye-bye 2010!

Friday, December 31, 2010 |

Today's the last day of 2010. Compared to last year, the feeling of stepping into a brand new year is not as sentimental.

Last Year's feeling was weird. This year's feeling is like stepping cross a river, all you do is just take a step more huge than usual. 

January 2010

Someone told me I looked different now compared to the start of the year. Well if that's true, I guess it's not the looks that changed, but the whole person. Either its the looks, the personality, the thinking or even the way of walking...

February 2010

2010 was a year of doubts, learning, growing up and coping with problems I never knew existed.
2010 was a year where one person could turn my whole life around.
2010 was a year where friendships were put to a challenge and standing aside wasn't an option.

February 2010


College turned more stressful than ever. Again and again time proved that I just had not seen and learned enough. There were times I doubted my own college, whether or not I did the right choice stepping in this building. There were times I doubted my educators, whether or not the stuff they taught could fully prepare us for the outside world.

Most importantly,  I doubted myself .Whether or not I was suitable for this course. Could another course had bought me to another more smooth journey? Did I really had what it took to survive in the future?

But all these aren't important anymore. I finished what I started and I plan on continuing on doing so. There are stuff you can't change anymore, so it's better off changing stuff you can change. Like improving myself and making the best out of what I can get now.

May 2010


Elder people usually say that friends you make during your uni years are friends for a lifetime. I suppose that applies for college too.

Till now it's still a wonder the 9 of us stay as a gang. 9 is a big number, with all in a college with different course timetables, all staying scattered around, and not exactly near.

Some people left, and some people came. I miss the lefts and I welcome the comes.

We got closer as the months passed by. A lot of problems happened, but we made it through them all. Even one simple tweet between two persons, we just had to go and tag everyone.

College life would definitely suck without them!

May 2010

You made me believe in fate. What else could explain this? One simple day one simple decision one simple drive and everything started from that moment.

I look back and it never fails to amaze me how things went from there.

July 2010

It's been too long till I almost forgot how it felt, almost a thousand days? This time I'm not that little girl anymore, and the world I'm in has changed.

And you know what? It's better than ever.

The bottom part of 2010 got interesting all because of you.

August 2010


My gals seem far apart from me in this 2010. Outings and talking have decreased, but deep down I've always thought of them. With my college gang I have the frequent meetings and outings, but with them it's the long history and understanding that counts.

And I'm sorry for neglecting you gals. Yeah I'm obvious that I was doing so.

October 2010

Same goes to my family. It's like I'm staying put in my own room most of the time, and we see each other less and less. And that applies for not just me. Everyone is busy in this household till the only time everyone is home is night time.

As for the bigger part of the family, the adults seem to be taking this family thing more serious since the passing away of the elders. More and more often we're visiting the other relatives, or going over for dinner, celebrating some special occasion. It's far from what I wished we'd become, but it's a starting step.

November 2010

2010 wasn't exciting or thrilling or stuff like those, but stuff that happened were significant enough.

Sorry to anyone that I offended this year, whether I know of it or not, and thank you to everyone that helped me along my journey of life.

Thank you to my friends who've been with me all along, and my parents that fed me well and gave me everything I have now. Thank you for making 2010 the best it could ever get.

Bye-bye 2010. There's no looking back. 

Countdown tonight?

2010 Recap Photos

A photo recap of stuff that happened throughout the year.

Somehow it seems like most of my outings are my College gang's Birthdays. Or maybe I just didn't blog about other stuff. ><

Click the "(link)"to read the full blog post if you haven't read it before, or just wanna refresh your memory!

Spent my first few hours of the new year with my gals at my house. (link)

Fei's 21st Birthday Party. First celebration of the year! (link)

Meow went for her OHC surgery. Now fully recovered though, and fatter than ever! (link)

Got my first temporarily tatoo. Butterfly shape! =)  (link)

Grandpa past away on the second day of CNY. Grandma left this world a year before, now it was his turn to go. RIP grandpa. (link)

Went to my first International Badminton match : Thomas & Uber Cup with Wailing! It was exciting to actually be there in person! And we got the chance to take photos with half of the Malaysia team! (link)

First event at College : Talent Show! A brand new chance to be on the same team with so many others I never talked to at college, and knew a bunch of kids from SMK USJ 13. One great experience! (link)

Stressed by college assignments, especially for the Nando's Art Competition. First time I stayed up to 4am painting and rushing to the dead line. (link)

Rex's Birthday Celebration @Look Out Point, Cheras! (link)

Zac;s 21st Birthday Celebration. Everyone dressed up nicely for the occasion! (link)

TOOK OFF my three years braces! No more metal teeth! (link)

3 days 2 nights at Genting with my college gang! Had a blast during those three days, and we went to Safari 2 nights in a row! (link) (link)

My 19th Birthday! Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me! It really was a birthday full of tears and joy! (link)

Changed my phone. Tada! My new phoneee...HTC Wildfire! Got it after months of drooling for it! Surprised my dad bought it for me too! (link)

Carmen's Birthday Celebration in occasion with Lantern festival! (link)

WaiLing's birthday celebration @ Fullhouse,Sunway Giza. (link)

Syeli's birthday celebration @ Meridian, USJ (link)

Jogoya with Yaw and Ze Ying! 50% off promotion for ladies only! (link)

Brother flying off to Italy for a student exchange program by AFS. Will be staying there for two months, including Christmas, New Year, his birthday, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day! (link)

Clubbing at Opera! My first actual clubbing experience! a.k.a Wei Fong's Birthday Celebration. (link)


Another post due before we welcome 2011!

This is not my last post of 2010,

F My Fringe

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 |

Definitely before my fringe spoiled it all.

Just got my hair straightened a few days ago.

The outcome looked nice at first, other than my fringe being slightly too long.

Then the worst thing happened. My mum and the hair salon aunty managed to convince me to cut my fringe shorter.

And now my fringe is weird. Like, really really weird.

A hair stylist saw it and asked me if I cut my fringe wrongly since there was an obvious "hole" in it. =.=

Awhhh..regret it so much!!! Now all I can do is wait for it to grow longer and sweep it sideways.

Note to self : DO NOT listen to mum's advice. DO NOT let the aunty cut my hair again. Straighten, problem. Cut? No way.

My fringe was so nice before this de lorr. Lao Ban Niang cut  it so nicely. Now it's ugly. UGLY. ><


You guys should notice I changed my blog layout. Just in time for New Year!

And it's a boring Black and White. Simple and nice. Am gonna keep it that way till I figure out something better. 

Finally no more PINK! (Wong Wai Yan you hear that? lol)

As for the huge piece of black up there, it'll be replaced soon with a colorful header. When the inspiration comes to me, that is. 

Nothing much new this time, other than adding new icon pictures to the post footer elements.

2010's almost over! Time for a flashback post of 2010 soon. So expect a blog post soon!

BnW = Black and White,


Monday, December 27, 2010 |

Doubt no more! This is indeed made by ME.

All creations start from the tip of your hand

Been practicing my computer design skills recently. Till now I still think I'm very weak at it. I suppose the best way to learn is from duplicating works of others. =) 

Will change my blog layout soon! Still thinking of new ideas to add... if you guys know any nice blogs/blog designs that could serve as an inspiration, or any stuff you think this blog needs, please leave the URL/opinons in the comment section below.

Till then, stay tuned! 


Merry X'mas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010 |

Maybe it's just me, but I have no idea how "silent" christmas night/christmas eve can be.

Both days were full of busy traffic, rounds and rounds of circling the parking lot for a place to park, and loads and loads of people!

Not really SILENT lor.

Anyway, Merry Christmas people!

Whether you celebrate it or not, it's good to be in the festival fever once in a while.

And Christmas is the only day in the whole year where you can wear a Santa Hat and not look weird. =)

Even if you're Santa Hat is one small chibi size. Like mine. =)


Happy Winter Solstice

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 |




小小粒 里面没陷







Tuesday, December 21, 2010 |

17 December 2010, Friday

Our once a year clubbing plan! I don't think Safari counts. xD

And we chose to go Opera! Since they had some promotion there, but we had to get their within 9pm to 10pm. VERY rush of time.

Shu nv sook and me

Yeah its a toilet. Don't ask where.

Busy gals who didn't have the time to take photos with me ><

Reached Opera, Sunway right on time. Imagine hurrying through the drizzle on high heels. Not something you'd wanna try.

We celebrated Wei Fong's birthday there in the club before midnight.

Thanks Grace for the pizza!

We gals bought a cake!

Group Photo! Less one Grace who was holding the camera

I think I'm a vampire. Not only does my face look white with flash, even my body glows a pale white. Its scary. I wish I could read people's mind too. Or build up a protective shield. =.=

A fire show for the birthday boy! Basically it was something like setting our black label on fire. The Opera staff made it look quite fancy.

And we had to drink the remains of it while and after the fire was set. Tasted like oil to me. Looked fancy but not that nice. And the straws got on fire. Wonder if we actually drank alcohol or the ashes of burnt plastic.

Table full of food and alcohol.

 Some photos....

Went home around 3am. I thought it was still just an hour past midnight. Who knew time could fly so fast! And the best thing? No one got drunk at all!

Opera was a bit packed and lack of space but overall it was a nice experience. Our next plan is to Bangsar's Mist Club! Hope that goes well. =)

Happy Early Birthday Hon Wei Fong! 

More photos at FB album : Opera 101217

Club can't handle me right now,

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