Wailing's 19th BD Celebration

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 |

I heart them. Gals.<3

28 October 2010, Thursday

Finally after so many semesters, we finally went to the place we've been talking of going to for ages!! Though I doubt we went the Sunway Giza outlet when we mentioned it. LOL.

Yup. We went to Fullhouse @Sunway Giza to celebrate Wailing's 19th Birthday!

The food there was so so. At least my spaghetti tasted nice! As for the food the others order.... not much comment. I suppose the money we paid went to the environment.

Wailing had no idea at all this was supposed to be her birthday celebration. She honestly thought we went through all the trouble to come to such a place just to have a gang dinner. = =

The oblivious main character...and her bodyguard... 
Forgive the poor camera quality...XD
Guess who's the noob photographer! =P

Enjoying the food!

Carmen + Wailing

Fitting in...? O.o

Paying up for the meal..... 3 digit bill!

The next stop was Baskin Robins, where we already had a cake prepared. 

It wasn't until that last minute when the birthday girl finally realized what the whole outing was meant for!  We were like so obvious already darling!


The guys

Group photo!
We were all in black and white =)

Somehow Rex is always the one in charge of cutting the cake!

Piece of MESS! 

Stopped by Wong Kok before leaving, and had their famous HUMONGOUS milk tea.

Left Sunway Giza at around 8pm, with only RM5 left in my wallet. Sad for my empty pocket, yet happy for the day! 

Looking forward for our next outing! Hopefully I'd have enough money saved up by then!

I <3 my college gang! 

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