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Saturday, November 27, 2010 |

I always mumble about how I miss my secondary school days. But I've never really mentioned anything about my primary school.

Frankly I don't have much memories of those days.

Playing "摸铁" and "Pepsi Cola", running around chasing each other like siao people, being canned 20 times for the 20 Malay questions I did wrong, carrying a super THICK dictionary and a HUGE water bottle.....

Basically those were stupid and torturing times.

Guess that's what you get when you go into a Chinese primary school.

But still, if it weren't for the teacher in SMJK (C) Serdang Baru 2, I doubt I'd have such good basics. I doubt I'd get the results I did. I doubt I'd be the person I am today.

Saw a lot of people sharing this on Facebook recently, and it bring back memories.

SMJK (C) Serdang Baru 1 and 2 has the same school song btw.

Lyrics : 

Yeah. What kind of school asks their students aged 7-12 to memorize such complicated chinese words?

Till now I still duno the meaning of some of the words.  (黉舍, 遐迩,笃行 And i forgot the pin yin of the first word of the second row. )

I remember just mumbling the lyrics as we sang. As long as the pronunciation was somewhere near the correct one our singing teacher was okay with it.

And I remember this song, either tune or lyrics, much better than I remember SMK Seri Kembangan's "Usaha Tangga Kejayaan".

I dunno how that happened.

Blame myself for not singing it at all during assembly. LOL

Should post that song next time,

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