Happy Birthday Sook

Sunday, November 14, 2010 |

It's Sook's birthday today. Her 19th Birthday.

I had my doubts about posting this. You've made it clear enough today you don't give a damn about your birthday. And that we shouldn't too.

But then, it won't be fair if I don't. That's why this post is posted at 11:59pm. One sec before this pointless day passes.



I met you during my first semester, yet then I only knew you because of Alex. I always thought you were a typical Subang girl that didn't speak Chinese.

It was during our second semester you started hanging out with us. Maybe it was because we were all in design... maybe it was because faith just wanted to pull us all together. 

Eventually, we became a gang. 

People came and people went. Numbers changed. Stuff happened. But the remaining stayed, strong as ever. 

To be honest we were never close at the start. It seemed like most of us weren't.

You and them had your own world. A world we couldn't get it. A world where we could only see from the outside. This world shrinked untill it was just you two. And we were still outside.

I understand. But I hated those times.

I could go college. Sit down with you all, and turn blank. I would ask myelf : Why am I here? Do I even need to be here?

When did we actually turn close? I've lost count of time. So much things have happened for me to remember. I suppose friendship just comes quietly to not be seen. 

I tell you about everything. We msn all the time. You're there when I'm in my darkest hours. You're there to scold me sapo when I'm almost in tears. You're there to tell me I did well when I'm dying under the stress.

He can get jealous all he want, but you'll always be my sook bf. =) 


We dressed up as guys today. Because you tweeted a tweet sometime ago, saying that you wished to go to the movies with your boyfriend on your birthday. 

We couldn't find you a boyfriend, so we decide to be a boy for you today. 5 boyfriends. And letting you be the prettiest today, since none of us matched that genre today at all. 
Things went totally off plan today. And I rather not mention it again. 

I don't understand and I don't get it. I thought you'd be happy. I thought you'd be touched. I thought we'd have a wonderful day with loads of photos for me to blog about. 

But apparently I didn't know you as well as I thought.

All we did. Either today or before. Poof. Just like that.


Well, it's your birthday. It's your choice.


Happy 19th Birthday bf. 

Your xiang gf

p.s I dunno if you remember it anot, but the eyeliner in the presents, is the same brand as the one you lost ages ago. Just I'm not sure it's that color. Too hard to tell in the photo.

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