Semester 4 Assignments

Friday, October 15, 2010 |

I keep forgetting that I should take photos of my assignments.... that's why I can't even make a single post for a single subject, let alone a single assignment.

The photos are just that limited.

And not to mention the fact that I totally lost it this sem. Stuff I did weren't that presentable anymore. I look back at them myself and just feel that something lacks.

I won't be surprised if the results come out next week, and I find myself in a very difficult situation.

Worst thing : I finished almost all my designs subjects this semester. These stuff are what that will remain in my portfolio for the rest of my life. Oh shit. 

I'll stop saying crap now and let the photos do the talking.

Press read more for the photos!

Packaging Design

I had a lot of trouble with this subject. Maybe due to the fact I hadn't seen enough nice packaging designs and examples to refer to. Stuff I came out with didn't look like something you would see selling on the shelf of the supermarket.

I wish I could say this was what made it unique, but even I myself know it's not.

The only part I could score might be the creativity. And perhaps workmanship. Nothing else.

 ---- 3rd Assignment : Light bulb shape Salt and Pepper Shaker----

I supposed I got too focused on the structure of the packaging, instead of the visual designs.

Light up your food! =)

 ---- Final Assignment : A series of packaging----

When I started the sketching of ideas, I wanted to make sure I focused on the visual designs. But then once again I got distracted by the packaging structure.

And it's a packaging for hair brushes. Hope they humor you for just a little bit.

A hair brush for you, anytime, anywhere.

Computer Print Production

This class would have been easy if the assignments didn't all come together. At once.

---First Assignment : Reference Book---

 I never knew comb binding was such a simple job. And at such a simple price. =)  


---Second Assignment : Name cards--- 

Just like packaging, I have problems with doing name cards.  I forgot how many attempts I made before finally being satisfied with my own work.

 ---Final Assignment : Brochure's folding technique---

15 folding techniques were what we had to use, and design for these brochures. All with the same info and photos. 

This assignment also killed me. Slow torture to death. 

It's a brochure for HTC Desire btw.

3D Max 

Anyone who tells you this software is a piece of cake is halfway going nuts

First time we stood in to this class we were already regretting what we got ourselves into. Mind you, this is just an elective subject for us graphic students.

And its fucking hard to get the hang on to it, let alone master it.

---Final Assignment : Interior of a KFC restaurant---

I guess this is the best I could get. Thanks my dear sir for the help at the lighting, but I guess it got messed up when I changed the materials.

I made the counter and it's parts by myself! At least I learned something through out 14 weeks of class.

I suppose if I put effort in it, I could really master it someday. And it feels great to create out something realistic!

First Version.

Fingers crossed for good results! 

Actually I rather I didn't post this,

More Photos on Facebook : College Assignments

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