New layout 9/10

Saturday, October 9, 2010 |

My new blog header! 

Nothing is better than tasting the sweet result of hardwork. =)

After a long long time of using Classic Layouts, finally I'm back to Blogger's New XML Template. Boy were the changes hard to adapt to.Spent at least half the time figuring out what the codes were supposed to mean.

Seriously. My last layout change was in May. Now's its October.

Syeli Ting Wan Teng I hope my blog won't make your whole laptop freeze and lag anymore!!

New stuff : !!!

1. Pages 
added the new Pages function of Blogger. Notice the "Home, About Me, Links" on top? Those are pages, and they each link to a new standalone page. Kinda like my whole innerhtml pages, but I suppose they will be less laggy.

2. Related Posts
Scroll down to the end of each blog post. There will be a "You might wanna read: " followed by 4 other blog posts, with thumbnails. I haven't figured out how the blog posts are chosen yet, either randomly or by categories, but they work well for first time viewers. =)

And perhaps rewind the memories of some old reader.

3. Facebook Like Button
I never could get that "like" button to work on my old classic layout. And there are still flaws on this one too. But it does what I want it to do, which is appear on people's FB profile as " XXX likes XXX on". That's good enough for now.

Don't hesitate on pressing it! You don't lose anything if you do, so why not? =)


I maintained a lot of the old stuff. Like the quotes that change every time you refresh the page (above my photo), the hiding/floating out chatbox, "back to top" button and the images enlarge upon hover at my Link page (great for searching for hot girls's blog!)

And my blog header is awesome. I know. You don't have to tell me. *covers face and laugh hysterically*

80% done,

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