I give up

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 |

I give up. 
For two nights continuously I've been doing the same thing. 
And what did it change?

Why did one small stuff 
evolve into something so huge? 

Whether you're a problem to us or not
that's for us to determine
so keep that thought outta your mind please
don't speak for us like you know what we're thinking
cause you don't and you got it all wrong by assuming.

You chose your own path. 
And I can't do a thing. 
Come to think of it,
I won't anymore.

So simple facts
yet you chose to ignore it

You're commiting suicide gal. 
And you're pushing away anyone that wants to save you. 
Sooner or later there'll be no one else there to save you. 
But by then, will you still wanna do what you're planning to do? 

This isn't high school anymore
This is the real world. 
I'm sorry you had to face it sooner. 
But we'll all have to face it later anyway. 

You don't want people to pity you
Yet every word you say shouts "Pity me" 

You don't wanna do this to yourself, I say
But you're already doing it
And boy are you're doing a great job at it

The final word is yours. 
Don't make this into a road with no u-turn


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