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Saturday, October 2, 2010 |

I got a new phone! 

Alright, that's outdated news. I got it like, 1 month ago.

Still, there are still times I hold this baby in my hands, and go "Just how smart can you be?"

Forgive me for sounding so noob, but being a freshman/newbie to smart phones, everything of it amazes me.

So my Sony Ericsson K770i is now officially replaced with my new HTC Wildfire!

Okay, I'm sure a lot of people have no idea what HTC is. Or, they're never ever heard about it before.

Basically, I never heard of it before too. Until I heard about Andriod. Andriod is a mobile OS systems, which is owned by Google.

There are more than 80,000 apps available for downloading at the Andriod Market, and increasing at a rapid speed. The best thing? Almost 60% of the apps are FREE

And Andriod is my main reason for buying this baby. I'm a huge fan of Google's (Except of the fact I don't use Chrome XD). 

Got this baby in less than 3 months after it was released in Malaysia. When I went out in search for it, it was almost outta stock already!

A shop I asked actually got 10 of them the day before, and sold all in one day. Either the stock is really less, or it's just selling too fast! =)

And Maxis is offering a contract bundle for this phone already. Too bad I don't have much use of data plans. And there's no way my dad is going to let me have phone bills that cost almost a hundred ringgit per month.

Since I got this baby, I've been asked this same question again and again:

"Why not Iphone? Or Blackberry?"

To be honest I always found Iphone a bit overrated. There are so many people out there that just buy it, because everyone else has one.  And there's something called Iphone effect. Found it on the Internet, and I think it's really funny. =)

As for Blackberry, I'm not really a fan of it's structure, and it's tiny keypad. But I know it's an awesome phone! =)

I don't wanna just follow the trend. That's all. =)


See my dear YongHwa oppa on the lock screen!

Everything about this phone is just fine for me. Some people might find certain stuff about it annoying, but I'm okay with everything.

Needs quite some time to get used to the features though, and the settings, and the touchscreen.

It's my first touchscreen phone! Now I'm so used to touchscreen, and the heat detector within, that I sometimes do stupid stuff and press my friend's phone screen, when the phone is not a touch screen at all!

That happens a lot when I'm with Shanz's SE Aino. Or Syeli's phone, which I forgot what model. And Zac's Blackberry. = =  I can just stupidly touch the screen with my fingers, wondering why the phone isn't giving me any signs of reaction.

Anyway, the widgets are great, home screens are amazing, the apps are so interesting, and the SMS type editor is so smart it guesses most of my mistyped words correct!

And to be honest, I really have problems typing on touch screen. My fingernails are helping much, and I constantly press the wrong key. But this smart baby always gives me the word that I meant to type!

Just if I really could change a thing I'd wish I could put a vertical picture/photo as my home screen background. Hope that gets fixed soon.

And I want my Andriod 2.2 update. ><

More blog posts coming up,

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