Carmen's Birthday Celebration

Sunday, October 3, 2010 |

28 September 2010, Tuesday

We wanted this whole thing to be a surprise to Carmen.

And that's why we went through a lot of trouble to think of all sorts of excuses to go to her house after we left Segi. Excuses like taking away her cross symbol necklace, and purposely dropping my pen drive into her bag.

And that was just the first part of our worries. We still had to make sure she was at home, wait for her to go home, and find a way to sneak to her house.

Good thing everything went smoothly as we planned.

We arrived at the Park of USJ 20, and started setting up the candles.

The candles proved to be harder to light up than we thought.

Ending results : 

A car for Carmen...

Then we still had to think up of a lie to get Carmen to come out from her house, and go to the park/playground that was opposite her house.

Ended up telling her that Sook was running away from home after a fight with her mum, and now she was crying at the park there.

Carmen really bought it! XD

And all of us bursting out from behind the bushes shocked her so much!

Me and Carmen with her newly given car. XD

Carmen and her Birthday Cake

Making a wish....

Cutting the cake...

Everybody enjoying the cake...

Special thanks to Andy who followed us through this crazy plan! 

Sometimes its the most simple stuff that gets the smile on people's face.

Like a belated Mooncake Festival too,

More Photos at FB Album : Carmen's BD Celebration

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