字 ● 空

Friday, October 29, 2010 |

Everything starts with nothing
Yet when it ends
You'd realize you had 

Semester 5

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 |

One new sem has just started. With just one subject and it being a 7 weeks short semester, I thought I'd be having a lot of free time and stress-free life.

Boy was I wrong.

I seem to have landed myself into a very troublesome subject.

Everyone's timetable is just so not same this semester. We barely see each other anymore! It's like a challenge we need to take up. And everyone has to put an effort in it for it to go on.

I miss those times where we all would hang around at college after class, waste our time chatting and laughing....


Recent playlist : 
Defying Gravity - Glee

This song gives me the goosebumps. Especially when Kurt is singing. Go Glee! =) 

Short updates,

Happy Birthday Wailing

Saturday, October 23, 2010 |



It's Wailing's 19th birthday today!! Somehow, I know a lot of people who's birthday are on the same day. ( A tag along Happy Birthday to Miss Evon Chua also!) 

I've known you since Semester 1 at Segi, and we've been in the same gang ever since. 

People come and go, yet somethings remain the same. 

Ups and downs we've been through, but till the end we're still the same true self as we were from the start. 

We both have our flaws, but isn't that what friends are for? - To accept and embrace it. 


埋怨之前 先问问自己
成果 真的是完全付出了最好的了吗

人生会容易会快乐很多 =) 

Happy 19th Birthday Lao Gong 
a.k.a Loke Wai Ling!

2 more people before we're all 19,

Starhill Gallery

Friday, October 22, 2010 |

14.10.2010, Thursday

Went to Starhill gallery for an exhibition with my college course mates. Quite a number of people showed up, which was surprising, seeing that the date was in the middle of our semester break.

And Segi could really give more support in these field trips. At least provide us transport instead of asking us to drive ourselves all the time!

The exhibition was about Braille installation art.

Braille is something like the language of blind people. They read and write with it. Each Braille character is made up of six dot positions, arranged in a rectangle containing two columns of three dots each.

Something really different from what I had expected to see.

We had the chance to really feel like a blind person does as we went into the room that was closed out from lights, and we touched our way through all the braille characters on the wall.

It was a great experience, even though we didn't understand a word of it.

And a quite unique exhibition to be seen in Malaysia.

Group photo before we left!
I have no idea how our photographer managed to take such a blurry picture ><

In the dark, the blind are the kings.

Be grateful for what you have, 

Semester 4 Assignments

Friday, October 15, 2010 |

I keep forgetting that I should take photos of my assignments.... that's why I can't even make a single post for a single subject, let alone a single assignment.

The photos are just that limited.

And not to mention the fact that I totally lost it this sem. Stuff I did weren't that presentable anymore. I look back at them myself and just feel that something lacks.

I won't be surprised if the results come out next week, and I find myself in a very difficult situation.

Worst thing : I finished almost all my designs subjects this semester. These stuff are what that will remain in my portfolio for the rest of my life. Oh shit. 

I'll stop saying crap now and let the photos do the talking.

Press read more for the photos!

I give up

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 |

I give up. 
For two nights continuously I've been doing the same thing. 
And what did it change?

Why did one small stuff 
evolve into something so huge? 

Whether you're a problem to us or not
that's for us to determine
so keep that thought outta your mind please
don't speak for us like you know what we're thinking
cause you don't and you got it all wrong by assuming.

You chose your own path. 
And I can't do a thing. 
Come to think of it,
I won't anymore.

So simple facts
yet you chose to ignore it

You're commiting suicide gal. 
And you're pushing away anyone that wants to save you. 
Sooner or later there'll be no one else there to save you. 
But by then, will you still wanna do what you're planning to do? 

This isn't high school anymore
This is the real world. 
I'm sorry you had to face it sooner. 
But we'll all have to face it later anyway. 

You don't want people to pity you
Yet every word you say shouts "Pity me" 

You don't wanna do this to yourself, I say
But you're already doing it
And boy are you're doing a great job at it

The final word is yours. 
Don't make this into a road with no u-turn


Triple Ten

Sunday, October 10, 2010 |

101010 <3

Yeah I know it's not a big deal.

And you've probably seen like thousands of FB status or tweets with these 3 numbers that they have already bored you so much you feel like you wanna press the skip forward button and jump to tomorrow.

But still,  it's once in a hundred years =)

I've heard that there are people who actually COUPLE today. Like, they planned beforehand? Where's the romance then?


Cleaned my room today. One boring day gone. 

I really want my room to look like Mong's house - give people the impression he just moved in. Yah it's just that EMPTY. CLEAN and EMPTY.

So, I'm dumping away so much stuff that I THINK has no more use to me. I know I'll regret it sooner or later, but for now, I'm keeping my mind tough and just straight away throw them into the dustbin. 

It's my own fault I like to keep so much rubbish in my room. 

And I went through my whole stack of Popteen magazine. 4 years worth! 

I didn't realized I'd bought so much at all. 

From right: 2008, 2007, 2009 and 2010

I wonder when there'll be too much to fit in the cupboard.

Maybe someday I'll grow outta it. But that day most certainly won't be now. =)

Continue room cleaning tomorrow! Wanted to go out lepak at Subang, but all my college gang are busy people. Anyone fancy a day at Subang tomorrow? =)

Recent Playlist: 
1. 寂寞寂寞就好 - Hebe
2. 你不知道的事 - 王力宏
3. Mine - Taylor Swift
4. 不可爱 - 可晴
5. Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless

Clean + Simple = Perfect,

New layout 9/10

Saturday, October 9, 2010 |

My new blog header! 

Nothing is better than tasting the sweet result of hardwork. =)

After a long long time of using Classic Layouts, finally I'm back to Blogger's New XML Template. Boy were the changes hard to adapt to.Spent at least half the time figuring out what the codes were supposed to mean.

Seriously. My last layout change was in May. Now's its October.

Syeli Ting Wan Teng I hope my blog won't make your whole laptop freeze and lag anymore!!

New stuff : !!!

1. Pages 
added the new Pages function of Blogger. Notice the "Home, About Me, Links" on top? Those are pages, and they each link to a new standalone page. Kinda like my whole innerhtml pages, but I suppose they will be less laggy.

2. Related Posts
Scroll down to the end of each blog post. There will be a "You might wanna read: " followed by 4 other blog posts, with thumbnails. I haven't figured out how the blog posts are chosen yet, either randomly or by categories, but they work well for first time viewers. =)

And perhaps rewind the memories of some old reader.

3. Facebook Like Button
I never could get that "like" button to work on my old classic layout. And there are still flaws on this one too. But it does what I want it to do, which is appear on people's FB profile as " XXX likes XXX on shanayxw.blogspot.com". That's good enough for now.

Don't hesitate on pressing it! You don't lose anything if you do, so why not? =)


I maintained a lot of the old stuff. Like the quotes that change every time you refresh the page (above my photo), the hiding/floating out chatbox, "back to top" button and the images enlarge upon hover at my Link page (great for searching for hot girls's blog!)

And my blog header is awesome. I know. You don't have to tell me. *covers face and laugh hysterically*

80% done,

The Pretty Reckless

Thursday, October 7, 2010 |

Jenny Humphrey a.k.a Taylor Momsen
Can you actually believe, that this is little Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girls?

Miss Nothing by The Pretty Reckless

Who knew Taylor Momsen could sing like this? Not really my type of music, but it's really impressing!

Even if she looks like the Joker from Dark Knight in this Music Video. = = And the last scene reminds me of "The Last Supper". 


Love her style, love her makeup, love her hair. But this MV isn't really my cup of tea. 

Still. Way to go Taylor!

“To be honest,” she says, “I don’t f***ing care. 
I didn’t get into this to be a role model. 
So I’m sorry if I’m influencing your kids in a way that you don’t like, 
but I can’t be responsible for their actions. I don’t care.
-Taylor Momsen replying to the fact that young girls look up to her:


Wish she'll be back in GG soon,

Carmen's Birthday Celebration

Sunday, October 3, 2010 |

28 September 2010, Tuesday

We wanted this whole thing to be a surprise to Carmen.

And that's why we went through a lot of trouble to think of all sorts of excuses to go to her house after we left Segi. Excuses like taking away her cross symbol necklace, and purposely dropping my pen drive into her bag.

And that was just the first part of our worries. We still had to make sure she was at home, wait for her to go home, and find a way to sneak to her house.

Good thing everything went smoothly as we planned.

We arrived at the Park of USJ 20, and started setting up the candles.

The candles proved to be harder to light up than we thought.

Ending results : 

A car for Carmen...

Then we still had to think up of a lie to get Carmen to come out from her house, and go to the park/playground that was opposite her house.

Ended up telling her that Sook was running away from home after a fight with her mum, and now she was crying at the park there.

Carmen really bought it! XD

And all of us bursting out from behind the bushes shocked her so much!

Me and Carmen with her newly given car. XD

Carmen and her Birthday Cake

Making a wish....

Cutting the cake...

Everybody enjoying the cake...

Special thanks to Andy who followed us through this crazy plan! 

Sometimes its the most simple stuff that gets the smile on people's face.

Like a belated Mooncake Festival too,

More Photos at FB Album : Carmen's BD Celebration

HTC Wildfire

Saturday, October 2, 2010 |

I got a new phone! 

Alright, that's outdated news. I got it like, 1 month ago.

Still, there are still times I hold this baby in my hands, and go "Just how smart can you be?"

Forgive me for sounding so noob, but being a freshman/newbie to smart phones, everything of it amazes me.

So my Sony Ericsson K770i is now officially replaced with my new HTC Wildfire!

Okay, I'm sure a lot of people have no idea what HTC is. Or, they're never ever heard about it before.

Basically, I never heard of it before too. Until I heard about Andriod. Andriod is a mobile OS systems, which is owned by Google.

There are more than 80,000 apps available for downloading at the Andriod Market, and increasing at a rapid speed. The best thing? Almost 60% of the apps are FREE

And Andriod is my main reason for buying this baby. I'm a huge fan of Google's (Except of the fact I don't use Chrome XD). 

Got this baby in less than 3 months after it was released in Malaysia. When I went out in search for it, it was almost outta stock already!

A shop I asked actually got 10 of them the day before, and sold all in one day. Either the stock is really less, or it's just selling too fast! =)

And Maxis is offering a contract bundle for this phone already. Too bad I don't have much use of data plans. And there's no way my dad is going to let me have phone bills that cost almost a hundred ringgit per month.

Since I got this baby, I've been asked this same question again and again:

"Why not Iphone? Or Blackberry?"

To be honest I always found Iphone a bit overrated. There are so many people out there that just buy it, because everyone else has one.  And there's something called Iphone effect. Found it on the Internet, and I think it's really funny. =)

As for Blackberry, I'm not really a fan of it's structure, and it's tiny keypad. But I know it's an awesome phone! =)

I don't wanna just follow the trend. That's all. =)


See my dear YongHwa oppa on the lock screen!

Everything about this phone is just fine for me. Some people might find certain stuff about it annoying, but I'm okay with everything.

Needs quite some time to get used to the features though, and the settings, and the touchscreen.

It's my first touchscreen phone! Now I'm so used to touchscreen, and the heat detector within, that I sometimes do stupid stuff and press my friend's phone screen, when the phone is not a touch screen at all!

That happens a lot when I'm with Shanz's SE Aino. Or Syeli's phone, which I forgot what model. And Zac's Blackberry. = =  I can just stupidly touch the screen with my fingers, wondering why the phone isn't giving me any signs of reaction.

Anyway, the widgets are great, home screens are amazing, the apps are so interesting, and the SMS type editor is so smart it guesses most of my mistyped words correct!

And to be honest, I really have problems typing on touch screen. My fingernails are helping much, and I constantly press the wrong key. But this smart baby always gives me the word that I meant to type!

Just if I really could change a thing I'd wish I could put a vertical picture/photo as my home screen background. Hope that gets fixed soon.

And I want my Andriod 2.2 update. ><

More blog posts coming up,
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