Sunday, September 5, 2010 |

My blog is dying. 

Giving it CPR but it's barely alive. 

Cure, anyone? 


I've got three more weeks before I can finally be free of all the stress and assignments. 

Seeing everyone on Holiday/Raya mood makes me so pissed. And I can't help but keep on going out, making plans, enjoying holidays as if I were having them too. 


This semester is really the worst semester ever! Not only do I not have enough ideas to cope with all the assignment designs, everything I do turns out to be just average. 

I can't have average! What the hell is wrong with me??? 

I suppose all my creative juice has been sucked out clean. And now I'm totally dry with not even a drop left. 

I'm already worrying about my results now, even though I haven't even passed up the final assignments. There isn't even ONE subject I can be sure I can score nicely.

Not to mention I have tons of distractions distracting me everyday. ==

I go to bed everyday wishing I'll be better the next day. And this routine just continues. 

Lack of time lack of time lack of time. 


Sorry blog dear

Gimme 3 more weeks and I'll find you the perfect antidote.

This close to dying,

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