Sungai Chongkak

Monday, August 16, 2010 |

Actually I dunno how to spell the word "Chongkak". I thought it was "Congkak" all along, but when I went there all the road signs wrote "Chongkak".

4 August 2010, Wednesday

Followed my Black and White Photography Class to Sungai Chongkak for an outdoor shooting. And the journey certainly proved that Hulu Langat was so so so so far from Subang.

Mr Fauzi treated us durian before we started our shooting. But a lot of our classmates didn't like the taste of it. Shocking.

In the end it was only my own gang eating all of it!

A durian not so nice~

Before we started our shooting, we spent some time putting on sunscreen. =.= The sun was scary!

Strongly recommend! Biore UV Sun Protection!  


Sungai Chongkak was your usual Taman Rekreasi place. Loads of trees, stones, water and leaves.

My whole film -36 photos- was filled with those 4 stuffs ONLY.

The environment was nice and calming.  But a lot of mosquitoes!

Zac the poser~

Me and Sheeren

Wailing and Me

Our faculty should really organize more activities like this one. Staying in the campus is one thing, but stepping outside is totally another story!

But of course they should have a better arrangement of transport. Other than asking the students who have no idea how to go to go by themselves =.=

Lack of time and sleep, 

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