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August 6, 2010, Friday 

Tagged along with the Video Production 1 Group for their video shooting at I-city. Due to Sook being at Hong Kong, and Zac not being able to join us, only me, Wai Ling and Carmen went.

Around 4pm we already reached there. I-city was rather different from what I imagined it to be, and seeing it without lights made it look less unique than it was supposed to be.

Before the sunset.

We didn't want to bother the Video Shooting group, so we stayed to ourselves. Which included sitting at Gasoline I-city for around 2 -3 hours chatting random stuff. Who knew we had so much to talk about? lol.

Then, finally.... the lights were on!

The whole place looked grand with all the different color lights. The color combination was quite strange for some places though.

See the gasoline there? =)

Candid Shots! Looked great!

Hmm...conclusion? I-city might be worth going once, or maybe twice, but it just isn't prepared to be a place where people can go again and again.

Hope that changes once the shopping mall there opens!

Best shot of the day!

Getting lazier at updating, 

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