Happy Birthday Yaw

Sunday, August 1, 2010 |

Once again its the day of the year. For countless years this day has never been any normal day to me.

For how many years I've been saying this, but I never get tired of doing so...

Happy Birthday to my forever best friend YAW~!

3rd blog post I ever wrote dedicated to you. (For previous years...click here 2008  2009

And too many blog posts results into my lack of words. 

Everything I've wanted to said has been said. All those going backwards history stuff has already been mentioned for too many times. There's only so many times you can rewind back the things that happened in the past 10 years.

What else can I say? Words aren't needed between us anymore. 

I still remember the time when we took part in the singing competition together. One glance and we'd know went to start the song. No words, no gestures, just one simple eye contact. That was all that was needed.

So this time...let's allow the pictures do the talking. =) 

The people around us change. Some come by, while some walk away. But in the end, there's always you and me. And that's not gonna change.

Distance may bring us apart, but time brings us closer.

And I'm really sorry we can't be able to celebrate with you today. T__T Can you feel the remorse I'm feeling? I can literally drown myself in it.

So to pay it back to you...I've did a little something.

Happy 19th Birthday!

for sponge-yaw,

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