Birthday 2010 Presents + Thank you-s

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 |

Delayed this post for long enough! Was hoping to get it done before exactly a month passed. >< That's why I forced myself to sit down here and get my fingers moving!

My Birthday Presents, listed with thank you notes and loads of photos!

M.A.C Fluidline Eyeliner gel
From the College Gang.

Quite a surprising gift actually. People who know me should know I've been wanting to get my hands on this ever since I first started buying Popteen.

But then, once I got it I didn't bear to use it. I know it's freaking expensive for such a small size. 

From the College Gang

Okay. This present is totally lame. And the point of giving it to me is totally gone by now. 

But still...maybe it'll come to use in the future? Lets say, 10 or 15 years? XD   But the main subject might be someone else by then. =)

Thanks my dear college gang!

A birthday card from WaiLing

Majolica Majorca Automatic Eyeliner BR01 
From Yaw

 Kate Reflect Mirror Eyes (Eye Shadow)GY-1
From Fen

Kinda surprised at how much eye make up products I got for one birthday. Seriously considering if my eye is in serious need of make

Thanks Yaw and Fen. Thanks for remembering my birthday and going through the trouble to get a present, and even, in Yaw's case, drive purposely to my house to hand it to me. =)

From Fui Fui

Really really really surprising to get this. I was like, came home one day and my mum told me I had a present on the table.

I went "Har?" and simply thought that maybe some aunt of ours gave it to me. It was already a week pass my brithday already and I really didn't think I'd still get presents.

Turns out Rou Fui found some way to pass her present to my brother, who apparently thought he got himself a new secret admirer at school that wanted to pass him a love letter/present or something. 

It's cute. =) Thanks Rou Fui!  


A huge thanks to all the 19 people (so ngam!) who sent me a sms wishing me Happy Birthday. Special thanks to Syeli Ting Wan Teng for calling me at the middle of her beauty sleep just to say a "Happy Birthday".  (I bold your full name~ happy?)  =)

Also... Thanks to all  my 351 Facebook friends that wrote Happy Birthday wishes on my FB wall.  My notifications remained at 99 for quite a few days. No matter how much I clicked it.

And I did reply all of them. 1 by 1. A sign of appreciation, at least.

Special Thanks to Sook Sook who wrote on my wall 19 times. =)

Birthdays are great. =v=

Sms-ing does improve my English.

Pending blog posts :  Sungai Chongkak, I-city.

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