Sunday, July 18, 2010 |

This should have been out two days ago, but I've just been too busy!!!

Till now only do I have the time to sit down and take a rest. Phew~


On 15/7/2010 I officially turned 19.

Happy Birthday to myself.

Last year of my teen years. After that there'll be no more twenty-teen, it'll be a whole different world.

And I miss being young. There were always just that much you could blame on a teenager. There were always just that much responsibility you could place on their shoulders. That much, and not more.

This year's birthday was comparatively VERY BUSY. I don't think I've ever had such a busy birthday. I barely had time to online since Wednesday night!!! And for all those who know me, you all should know I'm a crazy internet-holic that can't survive without being online.

Happy Birthday to myself.

19 will be a change.

I'll amaze some people, surprise them, even make them regret they passed by without a glance. That's just how much I will change.

I'm taking control of my own life for now. It's my life and mine to decide.

My birthday wish?

First one was that everyone around me, both friends or family, could stay safe and healthy. Second one was that all things could go smoothly for me and lessen my worries. Last one, of course is a secret to be kept in. Teehee.

Happy Birthday to myself. Welcome to the last year being a teenager.

20-1 = 19,

p.s Birthday Celebrations post due soon. As soon as I get all the photos. =) Stay tuned~

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