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Monday, July 5, 2010 |

I have 192 contacts in my MSN messenger list, but yet the number of people I actually chat with, either occasionally or frequently, are less than 20.

20/192 x 100% = 10.4% 

Yeah I only chat with 10.4% of my MSN friends list. Pathetic. Gotta admit though, I'm a social loner, and I hate being in a situation where there's an awkward silence. So it's better if I just stick with those few people I chat frequently.

But I'm not gonna talk about that today (which can be left for another blog post).

If you're someone who's been on MSN for like ages, you'd notice everyone has their own style in MSN chatting.

It's just like everyone has their own style when chatting in real life. But sometimes, chatting in MSN and chatting in real life, with the same exact person..... isn't exactly the same. 

Ever met someone you could chat for non-stop on MSN, but yet when you see each other you both keep quiet?

Or make it vice versa. You and your best friend can talk till the sky falls down and still not notice it, but when coming to MSN, only a simple few sentences and the conversation box is closed.

That happens to me. A lot.

And I always wondered where the problem was. The change of language? The use of words? The lack of topic?

But I've always thought talking face to face is so much more important than chatting in the virtual cyber world.

Anyway back to the style thing. Everyone has their own way of chatting in MSN.

Some tend to type everything in before finally willing to press their ENTER key, while some love the ENTER key so much they keep on pressing it, resulting into their sentences being broken up into like, 7 rows, with only a few words in each rows.

Some play a lot with MSN emoticons, and some of the extreme annoy people by setting a lot of alphabets emoticons, or emoticons that take over a certain word, causing the whole chat box to be full of black border squares that are loading all kinds of emoticons; while some keep to the original, with the least amount of symbols as possible.

Some type rojak English, some type Chinese, some use a lot of "lar" "mah" "bah" "geh" "leh", some stick with the proper English, some simplify their words into short-forms to an extend where the reader spends 15 minutes trying to 'break-code' 1 simple sentences. 

And often some people's style just doesn't suit yours. Or yours doesn't suit theirs. Chatting is impossible between the 2 of you.

Some people just aren't meant to be MSN close friends. Give it another shot in real life. But then, there are still people we just can't be friends with. Nothing personal, though. Blame karma or something like that.

It's 1:47am and I'm still ranting about MSN. Gah.

What's your MSN chatting style? =)

Off to bed, 

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