Thursday, July 8, 2010 |

The dummest thing I did last year, was writing out a wish list for my birthday.My whole list.

And in the end, I got nothing from the list. Not even one. Isn't that just plain dumb?

Last year's birthday was disappointing. It was just as normal as any normal day could be. 18 was a very important number to me, but I guess it wasn't so important to everybody else. Especially those who should have took it serious.

This year's birthday is going to be 1 normal day too. One day before semester term break, one day before most of our assignments due date, one whole assignment due on that exact day. I'm not sure even me myself will be able to put my attention elsewhere.

And with my gals all scattered around different places of this huge city, who else will be there for me?  

Celebrations can be anytime anywhere, but to me, the exact date is the most important of them all.

I don't keep my hopes up anymore, because the disappointment can kill me.

Sometimes what you do to people, won't necessary be the same as what people do to you. There is never an equal.

I don't regret putting so much effort for you all, but I just hope I'd get some back in return.

One week countdown to my birthday. Happy Birthday myself.

Almost 1 year older,

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