19th Birthday Celebration Part 2

Monday, July 26, 2010 |

16/7/2010, Friday

Mid-term break started! Finished everything we were supposed to do....and it was holiday!!!

First stop was Sunway Pyramid's Red Box for a sing k session. To all of our surprise, we got a HUGE room with 2 television screens and a small mini stage!

Imagine how big it was!

Had lots of fun there, there was enough space for us to shout, scream, jump up and down, and do anything we wanted! 

showing my legs...haha

All photos were taken without the acknowledge of Zac. Hilarious!

The birthday cake for the birthday gal, Shanz! Last year we were doing the same thing at a KTV room too.... =) 

Her present and the cakes~


Straight after that we went for Shabu Shabu at Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

My own steamboat pot

All I remember was eating, eating and eating. 

And also mumbling "I'm so freaking full" while continuously stuffing food into my mouth. Why waste the money? xD

Then we went back to Subang to wait for some person who just had to go to his badminton practice. And those few hours were spent basically talking and listening. The last time we talked so much was like ages ago.  Genting perhaps? 

At around 1am, finally we could depart to our final destination - Kajang. Driving in a huge rain and at such a time was really very scary. >< 

And we continued talking where we stopped at Shanz's house. Talking is just what we do best!  It was almost 5am when we finally slept.  No idea why, but Zac, Sook, Shanz and me are always the people who stay awake the latest.

Thanks the Ong family for treating us so nice that night, and the morning after! Really enjoyed everything!  <3 my college gang! 

Trying hard to post this properly...

 Photos : My FB Album : 19th Birthday  
              Shanz FB1st 19th celebration^^

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