19th Birthday Celebration Part 1

Friday, July 23, 2010 |

Been postponing this for long enough...

15/7/2010, Thursday

Yup, the actual day of my 19th birthday.

My college gang had set up a small *surprise* celebration for me, but unfortunately some truth came out before they could stop it.

And it also came out just how many stuff they had lied to me all along. There were so many flaws in that lie I had no idea why I didn't guess it!

My birthday cake... Thanks Shanz and Wailing for going through all the trouble to get it! 

My college gang (Syeli and Carmen missing >< )

Thanks to all of you for going through all the trouble! I love the gifts (some I suppose not, but still =.=) and it really surprised me! Yeah you guys got what you aimed for. =) 

And for the first time ever I cried when I got a present. Kinda embarrassing to admit, but I seriously did.

Love you all!  <3

After finishing class I stayed around to print some stuff, which took longer than I expected. Not everyone spends their birthday fussing over some transparency printing, like me. Special it may be...

Then I had to rush back home through all the traffic, cause Mark and Ella were waiting for me at Mines. Blame the traffic for causing me to reach at almost 7pm!! 

And what I saw at the same time I saw time was really shocking. I didn't really expect much from them, because...erm...we've been through too many birthdays together to care much, honestly. 

Guess what I saw? 

19 Big Apple Donuts! With candles lighted and all! 

Really surprising! 

A small disappointment that Yaw and Wai Yan and Kai Wei couldn't be there though.... 

Thank you Mark for getting all those donuts and carrying it all around, which would look very stupid, I'm sure. Thanks Ella for showing up too! It must have been like a few months since we last met, and I was so happy that you came! 

And it's good to know my own friends haven't forgotten me...


There was one more cake waiting for me when I got home.

My mum takes the initiative to buy a cake for us every year during our birthdays, and it's became some sort of tradition. 

However I've noticed the reluctant of singing the birthday song increasing throughout the years. LOL. 

Have I mentioned I love cakes? Eating cakes makes me happy. =)

Thanks to my family for the cake and the presents! Tan Xiang Zhi you still owe me a laptop cooler though, and I know you're reading this!

Seriously this is the busiest birthday I've ever had. But rushing around here and there was some kind of happiness also. 

19 is turning out great! =) 

Cakes and Donuts make me super FAT,

p/s Next post:  Formal birthday celebration for me and Shanz(who's birthday is on the 18th, 3 days from mine)!! Blog posts coming up 1 by 1!!!

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