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Saturday, June 12, 2010 |

Already stepping into the 3rd week of my Semester 4. Time flies!

Lots of stuff happened these 2 weeks. Some of them needed a lot of attention, while some of them needed a lot of getting used to.

And I've got homework already. Isn't that just amazing? =.=  

Hopefully the starting of this 3rd week will make things go more smoothly now, and I'll manage to get used to my new timetable and work time and all.

No more playing around! It's time to work hard now. I've got a lot of catching up to do, with such a distance in front of me.

What's life without a target?  =)


A lot of people are asking me about songs recently, and I also think its a good thing to share the songs I'm listening to to everyone. 


My latest playlist songs :  

1.张惠妹 - 哭不出来 
From quite long ago, but I heard Xiao S singing it on her show one day and it sounded nice!
A really powerful song that hides a lot of emotions....
 2. BY 2 - 爱上你 
Yeah S.H.E has a song with the same title. From BY 2's newest album. 
3. 杨丞琳 - 只想爱你 
Once again a not-so-new song...I think it's from the "暧昧"album... but I like the lyrics =)
4. Mika - Happy Ending
My friend sent it to me just last night. The harmony at the first part of the song is really nice! 

I do tend to love listening to old songs when there are tons of new songs out there. =) 

And if you wanna recommend me a song, don't just tell me about it. Straight away send me the song and I'll be some-what forced to add it into my "Recent" playlist and listen to it, since it's already lying somewhere in my pc....

Sooner or later I'll be humming it's tune or memorizing it's lyrics. See it's so easy! =) 

Blogging for the sake of an update,

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