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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 |

A few days ago, I had a sudden thought of showing my old photos to Sook and Wailing. So I re-opened my Wretch Album.

And I had a great look through it myself.

My blogs were always a significant sign of the changes in my life, whether it was my oldest MSN live space, my wretch, or even this blogspot I'm using now. (No planning on changing now though, quite satisfied with everything here.)

And I got a lot of comments on how "chubby' my face looked before. Maybe the braces did do more than just push in my teeth.

Some of the photos were just too ugly for even me, the main character in that particular photo, could stand. If you ask me, I'd say I've changed A LOT (I mean outside appearance here) throughout these years.

I miss my curly hair... even if it took a lot of time to take care of.

*My wretch started in March 2007 till March 2009


Stress is so eating me alive nowadays... 

It's just Week 4, and I'm buried in assignments. My brain is automatically planning out a timetable for when to do what, and basically, the few weeks before my birthday is fully booked.

During week 4 last semester I was still feeling so free I could go out every weekend AND change my blog layout.

Now? I barely have time to update my FB status, not to mention update-ing this blog. I'm just that busy.

Let's just hope every assignment will turn out good. Most of them due before 16/7! OMG!


Recent playlist :
1. 爱赢才会拼 - 蔡卓妍
2. Gotta go my own way - Vanessa Hudgens
3. Oh - SNSD

Back to assignments now,


  1. Like what i said, the fullness of life is in the hazards of it. Work through it, u can! I feel like u r mature via ur writing, don't know why, maybe this is the real change in urself that even u don't know about it. But, it's a good sign. What will not being changed forever is that, u r still my good friend. My dear friend, do take care of urself, don't put too much pressure towards urself. 'Steal' some time for relax. Pray for u!! =)

  2. xw.. gonna leave 2mr..
    bye bye n c u next yam cha =(


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